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【Notice】Updated Response to the Novel Coronavirus Disease Control (April 3, 2020)

As we are at the extremely important stage of preventing the spread of the Novel Coronavirus Disease, Fukuoka City is urging the citizens to avoid going outside unnecessarily not only on weekends but also on weekdays as much as possible in order to steer clear of the following three conditions: closed space with poor ventilation; crowded with many people; and conversations and vocalization in close proximity.
With changes in the current situation and against the further spread of COVID-19, Fukuoka City has updated its response to weekends’ activities including events organized by the City and temporary closure of public facilities, which has been extended to on weekdays and paid outdoor facilities in the parks (such as a baseball field).

●Events Organized by Fukuoka City

For events scheduled both on weekdays and weekends from April 4 (Sat) to 19 (Sun), they all have been cancelled or postponed.
-For more details, please see the Fukuoka City’s website page.
-The period above and others are subject to change according to guidance and request from the national government.

●Public Facilities

Following facilities will be temporarily closed from April 4 (Sat) to 19 (Sun), both on weekdays and weekends.

-Cultural/Historical Facilities
Fukuoka City Science Museum
Fukuoka Art Museum
Fukuoka Asian Art Museum
Fukuoka City Museum

Hakata Machiya Folk Museum
Hakata Traditional Craft and Design Museum
Fukuoka Castle Ruins/Korokan Ruins Information Center Sannomaru Square
Fukuoka Castle Ruins Visitor Center
Itazuke Settlement Yayoi-kan Museum
Kanenokuma Burial Urn Museum
Nokata Settlement Museum
Hakata Elementary School Stone Fortification Museum
Fukuoka Castle Moat Ruins Preservation Facility
Hirao Villa
Korokan Ruins Museum
Genyo Cultural Properties Exhibition Room
Fukuoka City Archaeological Center
Fukuoka City Public Library, Library Branches, and Braille Library
Hakataza Theater
Chiyo Performing Arts Studio
Gion Performing Arts Studio
Ohashi Performing Arts Studio
Chihaya Performing Arts Studio
Akarenga Cultural Center

-Experience/Learning Oriented Facilities
Fukuoka City Wastewater hands-on Exhibit (Pon Plaza 2nd floor)
Fukuoka City Disaster Prevention Center
MAMOROOM FUKUOKA (Hygiene and Environment Hands-on Exhibit)
Rinkai 3R Station
Seibu 3R Station
Smart House Exhibition
Fukuoka City Botanical Garden Greenhouse
Sefuri Youth House
Uminonakamichi House of the Sea
Experiential Learning Facility GRIN-GRIN, Island City Central Park
Imajuku Outdoor Activities Center
Parts of Aburayama Citizens’ Forest
Parts of Hanahata Horticultural Park

-Athletic Facilities
Fukuoka City Sports Arena
Wards’ Gymnasiums
Wards’ Civil Pools, etc.

-Other Facilities
Marine Messe Fukuoka
Fukuoka International Congress Center
Fukuoka Kokusai Center, etc.

-The information will be constantly updated. For the latest information, please see the Fukuoka City’s website page.
-The period of closure and others are subject to change according to guidance and request from the national government.

●Closure of Public Facilities in Itoshima City

The public facilities in Itoshima City introduced on this Yokanabi website will be closed for some time to come.
For more details, please visit Itoshima City’s website page.

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