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Enjoy the nature of all four seasons only 1 hour away from the city

Bring the tourism map “FUKUOKA Nature Trip Southern-Sawara area” and go on a trip to experience the nature

You can see the rich-in-nature scenery which is only 1 hour away from the center of Fukuoka city. How about feeling the charm of nature in a park filled with colorful cherry blossoms or autumn leaves, see waterfall with big water splash, or experience the only valley in Fukuoka city? You can also enjoy outdoor activities such as bird watching or trekking, etc.

The tourism map “FUKUOKA Nature Trip Southern-Sawara area” is fully loaded of information for nature spots, attractive experience programs, or restaurants where you can enjoy gourmet using freshly harvested new rice and vegetables! Why don’t you bring this map and go on a trip to experience nature?

Furthermore, menus of restaurants and shops listed on the map are being shown in multiple languages. If you scan the QR code attached to the menus using your smartphones, translated version of the menus will be displayed.

Applicable area: Southern-Sawara area of Fukuoka City (Irube・Uchino・Sawara・Magarifuchi・Wakiyama)

■Map distribution location
・Fukuoka City Hall 1F Information Plaza
・nformation Corner of Ward Offices・Branch Offices
・Tourist Information Center (Hakata Station, Tenjin) etc.

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