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Discover the islands of “Nokonoshima” and “Shikanoshima” with a day-trip from Fukuoka city.


Fukuoka is not only about dining and shopping but also, you may be surprised, there is plenty of nature to enjoy within day-trip distance from the city. There are particularly two recommended places: “Nokonoshima Island”, only 10 minutes away by ferry, offering a rich nature environment, and the land-tied “Shikanoshima Island” also being a favored destination to explore its historical myth and folklore. This guide introduces the features and attractions of these Hakata Bay islands, and will help you enjoy them to the fullest.

【About Nokonoshima Island】


“Nokonoshima Island” in the Hakata Bay

Nokonoshima is an island with a circumference of only 12km which is about a 10-minute ferry ride from Meinohama ferry port in Fukuoka city. The island attracts visitors with its seasonal flowers and spectacular ocean vistas


“Nokonoshima Island Park” with Rapeseed blossom

Opened in 1969, “Nokonoshima Island Park” is famous for having gorgeous flowers throughout the year. The park boasts a variety of flowers from season to season such as rapeseed blossoms in the spring, sunflowers in the summer, cosmos in autumn and daffodils in the winter. The lodges around the flower fields offer panoramic views of the stunning Hakata Bay and are available for a stay in the countryside.

Nokonoshima Island Park

  • West, Itoshima Area

Address: 1624 Noko, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka
Access: About 10-minutes by ferry from Meinohama ferry port to Nokonoshima ferry port. From Nokonoshima ferry port, it is about 13-minutes by the Nishitetsu Bus bound for “Island Park”.
TEL: 092-881-2494
Admission fee: Adults (High school students and above):1,000 yen, Children (Elementary and Junior high school students): 500 yen, Toddlers (Age 3 and above): 300 yen

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Swimming Beach in Nokonoshima Island

In summer, “Nokonoshima Camp Ground” is a popular destination for beach lovers. With the white sand and palm trees, the place has a feeling of tropical paradise. You can enjoy various water activities including swimming, banana boats, beach volleyball, a BBQ by the sea and camping at the lodge facility.

Nokonoshima Camp Village and Beach

  • West, Itoshima Area

Address: 1624 Noko, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka
Access: About 10-minutes by ferry from Meinohama ferry port to Nokonoshima ferry port.
From Nokonoshima ferry port, it is about 5-minutes by free shuttle bus.
TEL: 092-881-0948
Admission fee: One day sea bathing: Adults (High school students and above):1,200 yen, Children (Elementary and Junior high school students): 800 yen, Toddlers (Age 3 and above): 500 yen
*Please contact us for camping fee details.
Opening period: May to September

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【About Shikanoshima Island】


Shikanoshima Island, connected to the Kyushu mainland by sandbank

Located just at the shoe of the Hakata Bay, “Shikanoshima Island” is connected to the Kyushu mainland by sandbank. From the mainland, the sandbank provides easy access by car, railway and bus (via Umi-no-nakamichi), and ferries from Hakata Futo. It is an ideal destination for a short trip to explore the abundance of nature, beautiful scenery as well as some historic sites of old shrines and stone monuments.


Katsuma Beach in Shikanoshima Island


Katsuma Beach in Shikanoshima Island

The greatest point of this island is definitely the marvelous ocean! You can find many tropical fish and sea horses at the diving spots on the east coast such as Akase, Kurose and Shirase. At the tip of the island, Katsuma beach welcomes you with the infinite blue ocean contrasted with pine groves. Yes, it’s still within the city of Fukuoka, can you believe it?!


Shikaumi Shrine


Shikaumi Shrine

Enshrining a guardian of the sea, Shikaumi Shrine serves as the head shrine of all Watatsumi (sea god) shrines in Japan. Also known as “the head shrine of the sea gods” or “the Palace of the Dragon”, it has long been worshiped by locals as the guardian of the Genkai Sea. There are over 70 rituals of varying scale performed throughout the year. You can experience those mystical events amidst the calm of nature.

Shikaumi Shrine

  • East Area

Address: 877 Shikanoshima, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka
Access: 33-minutes by the city-run ferry from Bayside Place Hakata Futo to Shikanoshima ferry port. From Shikanoshima ferry port, it is 10-minutes by walking.
TEL: 092-603-6501

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Cycling through the joys of the island breeze and marvelous scenery

With a circumference of 12km, the island provides an excellent roadway for coastal cycling. Rental bicycles are available at a café on the island. Why not discover its tremendous scenery with a brisk ride?


Kenan (Gold Seal) Curry / Japanese Spiny Lobster and White Curry Set

Shikanoshima’s new gourmet specialty, “Kinin (Gold Seal)” Curry. The curry using this unique flavor of “Kinin spice” is served in eight restaurants on the island, and each has a distinctive feature. Enjoy the delicious curry with the marvelous ocean view.

Blessed with rich nature and history, “Nokonoshima” and “Shikanoshima,” the islands close to Fukuoka city, offer much to celebrate. Why not stretch your legs to these great holiday destinations with wonderful scenery and history and feel the temptation to extend your stay?

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