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Art Walk in Yakuin and Haruyoshi – Feel Art in a Casual and Familiar Way

Fukuoka City aims to be a world-class contemporary art city. Art is becoming more and more active, with the installation of sculpture by a world-renowned artist at the Fukuoka Art Museum, the expansion of the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum’s Artist in Residence programme, and the start of FaN Week. On the other hand, strolling around the city, you can also come into contact with art on a daily basis through fashion and culture, which is another attraction of Fukuoka.

The second of a three-part series of “Art Walk” focuses on Yakuin and Haruyoshi areas which are popular for its livability and convenient location close to the city centre Tenjin.

The main street, lined with many shops, is busy, but once you step into the alleys, it is also a living area with a high concentration of housing units and flats. The main feature of this area is that it is dotted with shops that blend in with the lives of the people of Fukuoka, but still have a sparkling charm. Here we introduce some of the best art spots in Yakuin and Haruyoshi.

Art felt in daily life. Fusion of the everyday and the extraordinary.



In 2011, the secretive and cool café LOVELESS COFFEE opened in an area where there are hardly any shops to be found off the main street.

The interior was designed based on a unique concept — a café renovated from an abandoned hotel. The interior is cleverly designed with a distinctive exterior that at first glance does not look like a café, and the walls of the interior are deliberately damaged in places. The tables and chairs that match this space were also originally designed.

The episode of the birth of the café is also unique. Originally, Ran., who is active as an illustrator on SNS, and akubi Inc., who is active in advertising, magazines and music videos, together ran a virtual café on the web, and this shop is a real-life reproduction of that. Works of Ran. are also displayed there.

Even the sweets and drinks are like works of art, such as the cube-shaped cakes and printed latte art created by manager Shoto Eguchi, to match the image of the cafe. There is art in every element.

Address: 1st Floor, 1-3-22 Omiya, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
TEL: 092-401-1117
Opening hours 11:00-20:00(Order Stop 19:30)
Closed: None


Even if you don’t live in Fukuoka, you probably know the name. NO COFFEE is now a national brand, but its base is actually located in a residential area in Hirao, slightly away from Tenjin.

It opened in 2015. The owner, Shinsuke Sato, built up his career at an apparel company and a toy manufacturer before opening his own shop. He says: “Coffee alone is risky, and to make it a viable business you need added value. So I decided to make use of my speciality, ‘craftsmanship’, and came up with the idea of planning goods”.

Inside the stylish shop, many goods are lined up. Sato plans goods based on what he personally wants, what his customers want and what is cost-effective. Recently, he has also been developing a variety of original goods produced under the theme of ‘a lifestyle with coffee’.

He is also actively involved in collaborations with artists and companies, holding exhibits in their shops and producing collaborative goods. As shown in the photo above, he even collaborated with the ever-so-trendy artist KYNE. Sato says he is “always thinking full tilt to come up with ideas”. From a compact shop of just under 33 square metres, he is transmitting many ideas to the rest of the country and even to the world.

Address: 3-17-12, Hirao, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
TEL: 092-791-4515
Opening hours: 11:00-18:00
Closed: Mondays


You love art, but does not sometimes it take a bit of courage to step into a gallery? At TAG STÅ, you do not need that kind of courage. Because here, before you reach the gallery, there is an espresso stand in the front where anyone can casually drop by and relax.

Opened in 2011, it faces an alleyway in Haruyoshi, one street off Watanabe-Dori Avenue. The cafe stand, which opens at 7am, offers espresso and hand-drip coffee, brewed one cup at a time.

Both photos are from the exhibit “‘Unplugged’ Exhibition by Koji Toyoda / Palm Graphics” held 22 July – 4 August 2022.

The gallery at the back naturally draws the visitor’s attention without making them feel awkward. On the other hand, the gallery is independent, allowing visitors to focus on the individual works and enjoy the space, which changes with each exhibition.

From the exhibition “MARIA SAKURAI SOLO EXHIBITION “YES & NO” held from 1-18 July 2022.

The exhibitions, which are held once a month, are all planned by owner Yasuhiro Hashiguchi, who also organises the venue together with the artists. We have paintings, illustrations, contemporary art, regardless of whether they are famous or unknown,” says Hashiguchi, “I introduce artists whose works and people I would like to recommend to others and with whom I have a good feeling. I hope that people will take a serious look at the expression that artists thoughtfully convey, and that something will be born that will lead to the next step.’

The stand also sells exhibition-related goods and original goods.

It is a spot where you can feel art on a daily basis while drinking coffee and yet be firmly in touch with artistic expression.

Address: 1st Floor, 1-7-11, Haruyoshi, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
TEL: 092-724-7721
Opening hours: 7:00-20:00

◎Hotel Mei

This is a hotel in a great location, within walking distance of all the main tourist areas – Tenjin, Nakasu and Hakata. Hotel Mei, which opened in 2019, is modern in both its design and style.

There are seven types of rooms, each with a different size, atmosphere and number of guests that can be accommodated, allowing you to choose according to the purpose; for sightseeing, business trips, dates, staycations, girls’ parties, surprises, celebrations, anniversaries and more.

Each room is decorated with artworks all created by PICFA, a welfare workshop in Saga. You can encounter works of art that are full of individuality and sensitivity.

The first is a café open to the public as well as room users. Here, too, artworks by PICFA are displayed. Why not take a breather in the open-air café while enjoying the space of art?

Hotel Mei
Address: 2-16-19, Haruyoshi, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
TEL: 092-771-6221
Check-in 15:00 / Check-out 10:00

Ao-Hata Bookstore

The Ao-Hata, which opened in 2020 along the Shinkawa River in Yakuin, is a bookshop specialising in art books.

The entrance is a bit confusing, but once you find this graphic, you are no longer lost. The stylishly designed logo and the shop’s door will make you expect more.

The shelves are lined with a visually pleasing line-up of graphic design, illustrations, art books and personal magazine ZINES. All the books have attractive covers that make you want to pick them up. Just looking at the books on the shelves is a stimulating experience.

Another notable feature is that more than half the walls of the shop are used for exhibits. The shop’s owner introduces his favorites artists every two to three weeks, mainly in the fields of photography, graphics and contemporary art, from Fukuoka and beyond, Tokyo and even overseas.

There is also a selection of goods from artists who are currently holding or have held exhibitions at the shop. Books, artworks, art goods and the space open the door to various sensibilities and expand your world.

Ao-Hata Bookstore
Address: 2nd floor, 3-7-15, Yakuin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
Opening hours: 12:00-19:00
Closed: Wednesdays

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