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Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport FUKUOKA, a plaza for encounters and experiences, is a hot spot in Fukuoka right now!

Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport Fukuoka, a redevelopment of the former Fukuoka City Fruit and Vegetable Market, covering an area of over 8 hectares, had its grand opening in April 2022. With the concept of “Encounter & Experience Plaza – A town of ‘interaction’ and ‘connection'”, there are a total of 222 shops, including 57 shops opening for the first time in Kyushu, and 9 various squares, offering a variety of ways to have fun.

Full-size RX-93ff v Gundam Standing Statue
Creating a buzz before it opened!


At the entrance facing Chikushi-dori Avenue, a 20-metre-high life-size RX-93ff ν (New) Gundam statue welcomes you!

It is the symbol of LaLaport Fukuoka. At night, there are gimmicks of lights and devices, so be sure to enjoy the Gundam statue at night. It is rare to see Gundam from its back and you can feel how cool it can be from various angles.




Gundam Park Fukuoka is an entertainment complex consisting of three areas; ‘GUNDAM SIDE-F’, ‘VS PARK WITH G’ and ‘namco’.

Information related to the life-size RX-93ff ν Gundam standing statue and its production video leading up to its opening are being exhibited.

VS PARK WITH G is a sports entertainment area where visitors can enjoy hands-on activities in collaboration with Gundam.

An ultra-short distance run game to escape from monsters designed to allow visitors to compete against the RX-93ff ν Gundam who runs through the air at the speed of a second



The Fukuoka Toy Museum is a “wood education” museum with approximately 8,000 wooden toys on display, and is the first facility of its kind in Kyushu. Visitors can actually play with wooden toys and enjoy the warmth of wood. Children and adults alike will be fascinated by the world of wood at this hands-on museum.

There are many interesting toys, including a Fukuoka ramen stall made of wood and souvenir specialities.

The ramen noodles made from wood look delicious!

Sports Park
You can enjoy sports on the rooftop

On the rooftop of LaLaport Fukuoka, there is a field where various sports can be enjoyed. The large, open field offers a 200 m track, tennis courts, a 3×3 basketball court and a large-screen public viewing area, where you can enjoy a variety of sports and events.

An evolutionary model from the old market

This place is named after its address, 351 Naka 6-chome, where the Fukuoka City’s Fruit and Vegetable Market used to be located. There is a shopping area offering fresh vegetables, meat and fish on display on turret trucks. In the eat-in area you can enjoy best of local delicacies there!

KidZania Fukuoka
Children take the lead here!

KidZania Fukuoka, a facility where children can experience various jobs, has opened at Lalaport Fukuoka on 31 July (Sun) 2022. There are pavilions made up of real companies, etc., allowing children experience various jobs and services. In the pavilions, visitors can wear uniforms and costumes and experience work and services, while having fun and learning about how society works. If you work, you’ll get paid in the special currency ‘kidzo’.

★The brand new webpage and instagram “Fukuoka360” is now live! Here you will find info on Fukuoka’s trending spots, happening events and more! Please follow and share!


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