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International Travellers’ Checklist

In order to ensure that tourists coming to Japan from abroad can enjoy a safe trip with a peace of mind, the Japanese Government has established rules for tourists to follow.

We ask for your kind cooperation in taking the measures against COVID-19.

Before participating in a tour, please make sure that you have received an explanation of the followings from the travel agent and agreed.

Before Departure

  •  Basic infection prevention measures (1) wearing a mask, (2) hand sanitisation, and (3) physical distancing, must be strictly observed throughout the duration of your stay in Japan.
    If the tour operator judges that infection prevention measures have not been sufficiently implemented, you must follow the tour operator’s instructions.
  •  In order to ensure smooth entry procedures into Japan, it is necessary to pre-register on the Visit Japan Web and use the Fast Track.
    (There is confirmation that pre-registration has been completed by the travel agent before departure).
  •  Please have private medical insurance* that includes coverage for medical expenses related to COVID-19 infection and that provides adequate coverage and services.

During your Stay

  •  The tour operator must be informed of any symptoms of COVID-19 infection during the tour, including fever, respiratory symptoms and malaise.
  •  If you become a positive case or a person in close contact with a person infected with COVIC-19 during the tour, please follow the instructions of the tour operator, travel service provider, tour guide, medical institution, health centre, etc.

After Returning Home

  •  If you test positive for COVID-19 infection within one week of returning home, please inform the travel agent of this.

If you do not comply with the above, you may not be allowed to participate (or continue) in the tour (you will be asked to return home promptly even during your participation).

Private medical insurance

If a foreign visitor is injured or becomes ill while travelling in Japan, the medical costs may be very high.
In order to travel with peace of mind, it is necessary to take out private medical insurance with sufficient coverage in case of emergency.

New Travel Etiquette for Visitors(Additional Information)
Guidebook for when you are feeling ill

Guidelines for foreign visitors to Japan on how to get medical treatment in Japan, including finger pointing conversation sheets.
※Please download the guidebook here

Useful tools for foreign visitors to Japan in the event of a disaster

We have produced a leaflet (Safety Information Card) with information on websites, apps, etc. that may be useful for foreign visitors to Japan, including in the event of a disaster, so that they can stay in Japan safely and with a peace of mind. It can be downloaded and used freely.
※Please Download the Safety Information Card here.

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