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Enjoy the Sound AR Tour -- the Hakata Old Town’s New Walking Guide

New city walking guide content has been launched to make walking around the Hakata Old Town more fun!

Using AR or augmented reality technology, which superimposes sound on the real world, you can enjoy walking around the Hakata Old Town while listening to audio guides of sightseeing spots or an original audio drama. Just download the app to your smartphone and the service is available at any time of your convenience. (It is like the audio guide at museums but it streams outdoors.)

There are three courses; the two are ‘Temple and Shrine Tour in Hakata’ and ‘Hakata Traditional Culture Tour’, which are based on the sightseeing model course introducing tourist destinations and surrounding streets; and “Hakata Nagare Drama Tour,” in which the original character Nagamasa revives the medieval city of Hakata devastated by war.

Historical resources, sightseeing spots and information on the surrounding areas are incorporated into the tours, which will satisfy not only history lovers but also people of all ages and nationalities.

Please come and enjoy walking around the Hakata Old Town. Experience the atmosphere of the town with historic temples and shrines and its quaint townscape.

★Click here to download

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Original Audio Drama Tour

〇Hakata Nagare Drama Tour(20 AR spots)

Hakata Station, Dekimachi Park,
Tochoji Temple, Ryuguji Temple,
Kawabata-dori Shopping Arcade, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum,
Birthplace of Kawakami Otojiro, Zendoji Temple,
Myotenji Temple, Kaigenji Temple,
Genjuan Temple, Engakuji Temple,
Myorakuji Temple, Waka Hachimangu Shrine,
Shakokumei Cemetery, Jotenji Temple,
Hakata Machiya Folk Museum, Hakata Traditional Performing Arts Centre
Kushida Shrine (Yamakasa decorative float) and Kushida Shrine (front shrine)

What is Hakata Nagare Drama?

“Hakata Nagare” is an original audio drama set in the medieval time of Hakata. The story evolves around a young man who enlivens Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival and the city itself, and it is also a story about udon noodle, which originates in Hakata, and historical figures such as Kuroda Kanbei appear as well. It is a story as strong as Hakata itself.

Newcomer actor Yuto Tsubone who made his debut in the NHK TV series “Yale,” is playing the leading character Nagamasa as a voice actor for the first time. He is from Fukuoka, and his passionate performance full of humanity is a must-listen.

★Voice Comment by Actor Yuto Tsubone★

【Yuto Tsubone’s Comment】
“I am very honoured to be involved in this project of my hometown.
This was my first time to dub. It became a good experience for me through the difficulty and fun I felt in playing a role only with my voice.
I hope that people will use this service when visiting Fukuoka and learn more about the charm of the city!”

AR Tourist Spots and Streets Tours

App languages: English, Korean, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese

〇Hakata Traditional Culture Tour (9 AR spots)

Birthplace of Kawakami Otojiro, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum,
Kawabata-dori Shopping Arcade, Kushida Shrine,
Hakata Traditional Performing Arts Centre, Hakata Machiya Folk Museum,
Hakata Textile Hall, Hakataza Theater and
Kushida-omote-sando Ave. (Kushida Shrine Entranceway Road)

Temple and Shrine Tour in Hakata (14 AR spots)

Dekimachi Park, Waka Hachimangu Shrine,
Shakokumei Cemetery, Jotenji Temple,
Tochoji Temple, Ryuguji Temple,
Myotenji Temple, Engakuji Temple,
Shofukuji Temple, Genjuan Temple,
Zendoji Temple, Myotenji Temple,
Gokusho-dori Ave. and Taihaku-dori Ave.

Audio AR “SARF”

What is audio AR “SARF”?

SARF or Sound Augmented Reality Format is an application to enjoy audio AR which superimposes not visual images but voice and music onto the real world. You can enjoy audio content that can only be heard at the specific spots placed in the Hakata Old Town. Placing yourself in the world with audio AR will be a completely new entertainment experience.

★Supported languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean and French 
★Supported Specifications
<Android version> – Android 7.0 and above 
<iOS version>・iPhone 6 or higher (iPad cannot be used)/iOS 11.0 or higher
Please understand in advance there is a case that it does not operate normally on some devices.
★Click here to download

【App Store】

【Google Play】



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