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Wandering Around "Fukuoka Castle Ruins" in kimono

“Fukuoka Castle” was built by Nagamasa Kuroda at the beginning of the Edo period. Today, it is a popular tourist spot where you can enjoy seasonal flowers and history scenery.

Let’s take a walk from Matsukizaka where is full of nature and history.

It would be much more fun by wearing a kimono while walking around the Fukuoka Castle Ruins. Wearing straw sandals and walking step by step slowly, it seems to become a heroine of historical drama. The road paved with setts with beautiful natures around, walking through the stone wall while feeling the breeze. The casual scenery would become more special.

The kimono looks beautiful with the Ishigaki stone wall as background ♪

Fukuoka Castle ruins where is close to Tenjin of the city center, you could enjoy the extraordinary experience like traveling far away. Please take a break from the daily work and healing by walking around the Fukuoka Castle Ruins.
The “舞遊の館 Maiyu no Yakata” in Fukuoka Castle Sannomaru Square has variety of plans where you can easily enjoy kimono.
Choose a plan that meets all your needs, from plans including hair sets and accessories to shooting.
着物で「福岡城跡」When visiting Fukuoka Castle, you could also purchase a “castle seal stamp” (300 yen) as a souvenir.

・where to buy:
Fukuoka Castle Ruins Visitor Center】1-4, Jonai, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City
Maiyu no Yakata】2-5 Jonai, chuo-ku, Fukuoka City (closed on Monday)
・inquireis: Fukuoka Convention & Visitors Bureau
 TEL:092-733-5050(10 am~17 pm weekday only)

It is also recommended to walk a little further to Ohori Park. This park is one of the most beautiful water parks in Japan and loved by local people as a relaxation spot. 

大濠公園“Ohori Terrace – Yame Tea and Japanese Garden”, a new Japanese-modern style facility with the theme of Yame Tea, has opened in the southern area of Ohori Park. 
The ground floor space has a wide floor-to-ceiling window with wooden natural style. Here also has a cafe where you could taste variety of menu made with local ingredients from Kyushu. You could take a seat beside the window while enjoying the view of Ohori Park , feeling the green scenery and wind.

If you have a chance please talk a walk at “Fukuoka Castle Ruins” and experience the healing energy.

In addition, there are lots of places in Fukuoka area where you could enjoy by walking.

The “Fukuoka Chikatabi” digital book introduces spots for walking in the Fukuoka area, according to 6 themes such as sea, mountains and parks etc.
By walking, you could talk your time to enjoy the streets and scenery, feel the smells and sounds, discover the charms of the area that you have never noticed before.

★Please find the below link of “Fukuoka Chikatabi” digital book

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