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Take a look Inside the brand new “Queen Beetle”

The new high-speed passenger jet-ferry “Queen Beetle” arrived at Hakata Port on October 15. We was invited to see the brand new interior inside “Queen Beetle” on November 27.
クイーンビートル“Queen Beetle” has bright red color that expresses as “dreams・romance・passion”. The total length is 83.5m with a capacity for 502 passengers that is 2.6 times more than the current beetle. This is the first time in the world that an 80-meter class trimaran fast ferry has been serviced as a medium-high-speed passenger ship.クイーンビートル

Main deck (first floor)

“So spacious! So bright! looks high-class” while we aboard immediately hearing the compliment from other guests as well. The main deck has 348 standard class seats. There has 104 cm space between each seats, you could spend time comfortably during the journey. Also, here is a booth seat for 4 people, which is perfect for family or friends.クイーンビートルクイーンビートルThe seat in front of the standard class is only for one where you could enjoy the ocean view freely, highly recommend this seat!クイーンビートルクイーンビートルAlso, here has nursing room and playroom for kids. Even on long traveling time, children could play around without getting bored.Every passenger could use the standard class lounge freely. You could buy some light meal at the cafe&bar and enjoy the snacks in a place different from your seats!クイーンビートルクイーンビートル

Upper Deck (Second Floor)

The upper deck is for business class which has 2 types of seat, “Seat A” and ”Seat B.” The spacious seats are with a seat pitch of 140cm. Especially the “Seat A”, when reclining your seat, it become semi-private space where you could enjoy the time by yourself or have a chat with your friend.


“Seat A” of business class


“Seat A” of business class, when reclining the seat it become semi-private space.


“Seat B” of business class

There is also a kiosk only for business class. For rides departing from Fukuoka, original sandwiches supervised by Oita’s creative restaurant “Hosun” serving meals on the cruise train “Seven Stars in Kyushu” of JR Kyushu.

The indoor observation deck (lounge seats) where you could enjoy the view from inside the ship.

A powder room is set up in the women’s restroom at business class floor. Makeup after meals and before arrival has become easier and comfortable.クイーンビートル

Sun Deck(third floor)

With “Queen Beetle”, you could also go to the outdoor deck, feel the wind and enjoy the true experience of journey by sea!
クイーンビートルクイーンビートルクイーンビートルThere is also a Bicycle Parking Space for cyclists. You could bring your own bicycle to Busan and have a ride there more easily!クイーンビートルIt is easy to go to different deck by the slope.クイーンビートルFor those who love sopping, the Duty Free Shop is at upper deck where have original goods, and various souvenir.クイーンビートルThe passengers will be able to enjoy a relaxing and comfortable journey without wearing seatbelts. You could walk around and appreciate the art works of “Queen Beetle” designer Eiji Mitooka which are displayed on the ship.
クイーンビートルThe concept of “Queen Beetle” is “have a lovely journey from the travel time itself”. Even though we only have a short time on “Queen Beetle,”  it was a very comfortable and relax experience for sure.

Due to the COVID-19, the service between Hakata and Busan is suspended and the starting date still undecided. Hopefully the COVID-19 would settle down as soon as possible, and look forward to enjoying the “Queen Beetle” journey in the near future.クイーンビートルクイーンビートルHere is the video of our ride on  “Queen Beetle”, please take a look as well!


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