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New Spot "Ohori Terrace - Yame Tea and Japanese Garden"

“Ohori Terrace – Yame Tea and Japanese Garden”, a new Japanese-modern style facility with the theme of Yame Tea, has opened in the southern area of Ohori Park. The ground floor space has a wide floor-to-ceiling window with wooden natural style. You could take a seat beside the window while enjoying the view of Ohori Park , feeling the green scenery and wind.

Here also has a cafe where you could taste variety of menu made with local ingredients from Kyushu, such as the rice from Mount Hiko, pearl barley and “Masako-san’s Vinegar” from Imari Saga. The healthy and delicious “Traveling Inari Zushi” is made one by one by hand every day at the store.
This time we had “Apple & Honey Inari Zushi” which made with half-dried apple pulp from Mount Hiko and raw honey from Kawasaki. It was really delicious with slight apple aroma, the sweetness is just right with soft texture. We also had the Yame gyokuro tea which had rich flavor and umami. Highly recommend having the Yame tea and inari zushi together.

A kimono rental shop attached to the Ohori Terrace on the ground floor where is located beside the Japanese Garden in Ohori Park. You could wear a rental kimono and wandering around the traditional elegant Japanese Garden, definitely would want to take lots of photo!
The upper floor is rental space where decorated with cedar wooden table and chairs with calm atmosphere. It is available to rent by only two people which is perfect for small gatherings of friends or family . The view of Ohori Park from here is a must-see!

It is still quite hot these days, why not spend a relaxing time at this bright cafe, with Yame tea and dessert while enjoying the landscape of Ohori Park.

To prevent the spread of the COVID-19, please cooperate by wearing a mask and following cough etiquette, disinfecting and washing your hands.

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