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Fukuoka's new hot spot "BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA" grand opening

BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA, the newest attraction next to the Fukuoka PayPay Dome, where you can enjoy a variety of facilities including sports, food, art, and more, has finally opened and it’s great fun for both children and adults!

Welcome to Fantasy World【teamLab Forest】

The latest art gallery “teamLab Forest” by teamLab, the famous digital art group, includes “Catching and Collecting Forest” and “Sports Forest” with a total of 10 art works on display.

The concept of “Catch, Observe, Release” is the basis of “Catching and Collecting Forest” which is a new type of “learning space” that allows you to observe various animals in the forest. At the entrance, you can download an app to capture animals in the forest with your digital arrow and create your own animal illustrated book.

download the app「Catching and Collecting Forest」,catching the animals by your smart phone.

Catching and Collecting Forest

This space「Rapidly Rotating Bouncing Sphere Caterpillar House」 is filled with colorful luminescent spheres and the colorful spheres rotate at high speed. When you step on them, the color will change and become more shiny. If you step on the the same color spheres, the caterpillar will be created. Please enjoy stomping on them to see the different possibilities.

Rapidly Rotating Bouncing Sphere Caterpillar House

Shifting Valley, Living Creatures of Flowers, Symbiotic Lives

There are lots of other space to explore, like Soft Terrain or Beating Earth etc., which will let you be immersed  in this fantasy world!

Soft Terrain and Granular Topography

The Spirit of Baseball【Oh Sadaharu Baseball Museum Supported by Lipovitan D】

This is the sports museum that conveys the appeal of “Oh Sadaharu, the legendary baseball player” and focuses on the enjoyment of sports. The museum is divided into two areas, one is the “Oh Sadaharu  History Zone”, where  you can learn about the glorious records of Oh Sadaharu and his dramatic life as a baseball player.

Another area is “89(Yakyu) Studio2, where Oh Sadaharu wishes children visiting here to understand fun and great world of baseball.

Here you can enjoy a variety of exercises. With a special pitching machine, you can feel the speed and movement of the professional pitcher from a batter’s box . All baseball lovers should come here and give a try!

feel the high speed and movement of the professional pitcher from a batter’s box

Also you could try the dynamic visual acuity game, measure your speed with the professional baseball player! Everyone could enjoy all the attractions and challenge their favorite players throughout the attraction experience!   

A variety of baseball experiences such as physical acuity test, or run dash races with baseball players and more! Kids and adults also can play against their favorite players throughout the attraction experience!

try the dynamic visual acuity game


Enjoy Various Virtual Contents【V-World AREA】

This the latest facility where you can experience various virtual contents in one space with a Japanese WA style atmosphere. Large space across 2 floors where has 38 sets of 20 types virtual contents to play, also many attractions are available in Kyushu area for the first time! There are seldom facility have such many virtual contents at one place. Please come to feel the future and have lots of fun!

Amazing View and Exciting Mood 【Superb Attration】

The view and the mood are refreshing! There are 3 kinds of attraction with magnificent view including “ZEKKEI Slider SUBE-ZO”, “ZEKKEI Coaster TSURI-ZO”, “ZEKKEI Climbing NOBO-ZO”, for the thrill-seekers who will be satisfied for sure.

We tried the “ZEKKEI Coaster TSURI-ZO” today, start from the highest point of E・ZO  about 60m above the ground. also the first rail coaster installed on the roof in Japan. This single-seat hanging rail coaster over 300m course definitely will keep you feel exciting!  

The “ZEKKEI Coaster TSURI-ZO” ran out beside the PayPay Dome roof height. The speed is not too fast at the beginning, we could enjoy the amazing view of Genkai Sea and the central Fukuoka city. BUT  the speed increases dramatically from the second half of the ride, it might make you scream out!

We also tried another  attraction “ZEKKEI Slider SUBE-ZO”,  a 100m long tube slider built along the wall and slide down from 40m above the ground. The upper half of the slider is transparent, so you could see the view of the roof of the PayPay Dome. Continue sliding down to the spiral area which provides a magical atmosphere of illumination and music.

Enjoy the Gourmet【The FOODHALL】

Once you have had so much fun with many attractions, it is time to get some food. You could find all the delicious gourmet at 3rd floor. While having a gourmet meal, could talk about the fun experiences today.

A multi-tenant food hall floor with terrace seat that creates a variety on innovative “food” entertainment. With “new and delicious” such as “First landing in Japan”, “First landing in Kyushu”, “New brand by famous store”, etc.

MLB café is the first restaurant in the world to be officially licensed by Major League Baseball (MLB). If you are a baseball fan, you won’t want to miss! 

“Wolf Gang Steak House” deals with Hawaiian Italian dining “TRATTORIA IL LUPINO” first landing in Japan. You could enjoy the authentic Italian cuisines. There also has a terrace table where you can sit outside and feel the breeze while dining.

An appetizer platter, the cheese is from France.

There are measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19, such as the disinfectants have placed at every floor, marked waiting area, and limited  to the entry restrictions. Let’s play in a safe and secure environment.

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