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Travel Fukuoka by Rental Car〈Itoshima area〉Start from the sea, play in the mountains, Enjoy the nature drive plan!

About a 40-minute drive west from Fukuoka City. Itoshima area brings tourists from all over the country and attracts attention nationwide. Being able to access and enjoy both the sea and the mountains can be difficult. So, if you are coming all the way here, rent a car and enjoy the sea and the mountains. Introducing the One-Day Plan which will allow you to enjoy both.

10:30 Itoshima hot spots, starting from Futamigaura

Relax while enjoying a Karatsu burger

The “Couple Rock” of Sakurai Futamigaura

When it comes to visiting Itoshima, the first place has to be Sakurai Futamigaura. Sakurai Shrine. As part of the Sakurai Shrine, Isanagi-no-mikoto andIsanami-no-mikoto are worshipped here. If you rent a car at the Fukuoka Airport, use the highway to get here in about 45 minutes. Arriving early is recommended because there is considerable traffic on Saturdays and Sundays.

Sakurai Fumigaura
Address/ Fukuoka-ken, Itoshima-shi, Shima Sakurai 4433
Parking / 47 stalls
TEL/ 092-327-0317(Sakurai Shrine)

11:30 Unique Shop in Itoshima

We will head to a traditional private restaurant on the mountain side for lunch via the city. Itoshima has many unique shops run by immigrants. Among them, we will introduce two shops run by outdoor enthusiasts.


Good Daily Hunt is a select shop where you can find a wide variety of outdoor goods that can be used in your daily life are stocked up just like you might find in a mountain hut shop. The shop is full of tools that combine functionality and design, and are just as exciting to use in your daily life. In order to protect the forests of Itoshima, we regularly hold markets and talk events with our supporters so that they may become aware of the problem of forest degredation.

Easy to use daypacks with a simple design offer a wide selection of popular standard supplies

Address / Fukuoka-ken, Itoshima-shi, Maehara Nishi 1-7-20, Yano Building 2F
TEL / 092-332-8994
Opening Hours / 12:00〜19:00(Saturday11:00〜18:00)
Closed Sunday, Monday


On the first of floor of the building where GOOD DAILY HUNT is located, is an original t-shirt shop run by another nature enthusiast from Itoshima. The parent company is a clothing print factory run by the owner’s family, and this shop was made as a way for customers to see and touch the goods. They mainly print t-shirts for companies, shops, and events; however, as the owner says, “t-shirts have a story,” t-shirts are also printed for things like 70th birthdays, pet pictures, and band t-shirts. There are all kinds of requests. It might be nice to print one of Itoshima’s memories on a T-shirt.

In addition to original t-shirts, western clothes picked out by the owner, as well as domestically purchased accessories are available. (photo by BIGPINK)

The original bandana with a map of Itoshima is also recommended as a souvenir (photo by BIGPINK)

Address/ Fukuoka-ken, Itoshima-shi, Maehara Nishi 17-2, Yano Building 1F
TEL / 092-338-8032
Opening Hours/ 11:00〜17:00
Closed Sundays, Mondays

12:30 Take in the natural beauty of Itoshima as you enjoy lunch. Traditional Japanese restaurant “Ito Aguri”

Enjoy the scenery from the mountains to the sea. After traveling through a rural landscape you arrive at the traditional Japanese restaurant “Ito Aguri”. As you open the large sliding doors and enter, you will be surprised at the size which can’t be surmised by looking at the entrance. Inside the 150-year-old soy sauce store, there is a well-maintained and comfortable space with well-maintained features such as wells and thick beams.

It is a restaurant founded on a soy sauce factory with a rich history soaked into its floors. The adjacent café is a renovated barn that stores soy sauce ingredients.

Try the Kenko Gozen (¥ 1520 incl. Tax) and taste croquettes made from Itoshima soybeans and seasonal vegetables

At the select shop, you can find local pesticide-free vegetables delivered every morning, as well as carefully selected original seasonings and blended rice.

When you go behind the restaurant, you can see the vestiges of the main entrance from the soy sauce making era.

Ito Aguri
Address/ Fukuoka-ken, Itoshima-shi, Kawatsuki 882
TEL / 092-322-2222Hours   10:30〜17:00
Closed Irregular

14:30 After lunch, take a stroll along the valley! “Nijo Valley”

When speaking of Itoshima, the sea usually gets all the glory, but we mustn’t forget about the charm of the mountains. We recommend somewhere that you can enjoy somewhere a bit more peaceful than the sea. That place woud have to be Mt. Nijo, where many mountain climbers can be seen on holidays. It is 2 hours from the bridge to the peak of Mt. Nijo. (Climbing equipment is required to reach the summit)

After crossing the bridge, climb the wooden stairs on your left to the walking path.

Enjoy the fresh greenery in spring, the coolness in summer, and fall leaves in autumn.

Nijo Valley
Address /  Fukuoka-ken, Itoshima-shi, Nijo Fukui
TEL / 092-322-2098(Itoshima City Tourism Association)
Access: Proceed west on Route 202 and head for Kamoyurarinko Bridge. Cross the bridge at the back of the parking lot and walk. There is a toilet in the parking lot.

16:00 A lifestyle goods store quietly situated at the foot of the mountain “Oyatsu to Zakka, Kurasukoto”

At the foot of Mt. Nijo, there is a café and general store ” Oyatsu to Zakka, Kurasukoto ” that seems like something out of a picture book. In the summer, shaved ice with homemade syrup using fruits from Itoshima and Kyushu is popular, and lines are common.

You can spend a relaxing time in a bright shop surrounded by greenery. Lay down in a hammock in the chestnut forest garden.

The second floor overlooking the ocean with a great selection of miscellaneous goods.

In addition to Itoshima ingredients, you can enjoy sweets and drinks using carefully selected ingredients, such as milk from Karatsu and salt from the Goto Islands. The popular donuts are only available for takeout.

Oyatsu no Zakka, Kurasukoto
Address / Fukuoka-ken, Itoshima-shi, Nijofukae 2646-1
TEL / 092-332-9302
Opening Hours / July and August/12:00〜18:00(Café L.O. 17:30)
                               September to June/11:00〜17:00(Café L.O. 16:30)
Closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays

17:30 Watch the sunset at “Fukae Coast”

End the day with the sun on the shining shores. “Fukae Coast” where the sunset over the calm shallow shore is always changing depending on the tide.

Fukae Coast
Address/ Fukoka-ken, Itoshima-shi, Nijofukae
TEL / 092-322-2098(Itoshima City Tourism Association)
Free parking available


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