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Visit the “Reiwa” places in Fukuoka and Dazaifu in celebration of the start of the new Imperial era “Reiwa”!【part 1】

“In this auspicious month of early spring, the weather is fine and the wind gentle. The plum blossoms open like powder before a mirror while the orchid give off the sweet scent of a sachet”
(“Manyoshu” Volume 5, Preface of the 32 poems of the plum blossom)

The new Imperial period “Reiwa” was established from May 2019. It is derived from the preface of the 32 poems read by Otomo no Tabito who held a cherry blossom viewing party. The poems are listed in the oldest collection of poetry in Japan called the “Manyoshu” which was created around 1300 years ago, and the word “Reiwa” which was adopted for the new era is said to have been chosen with the hopes “of culture coming into being and flourishing when people bring their hearts and minds together in a beautiful manner”.

Additionally, the place where the plum blossom viewing party was held was Otomo no Tabito’s house. Otomo no Tabito is a well-known historical figure who was the father of Otomo no Yakamochi who was one of the compilers of the Manyoshu, and he was a politician in the early Nara period and also held the position of dainagon.

You can renew your mind make a wish or a promise with the start of the new era, or visit places associated with the new era.

Get on the “Tabito” to go to Dazaifu ♪

If you want to make your trip more exciting, why not go on the tourism train “Tabito” which has a beautiful Japanese-style exterior featuring sightseeing destinations in Dazaifu and the four seasons? The tourism train “Tabito” operates from the Nishitetsu Fukuoka (Tenjin) Station and Nishitetsu Futsukaichi Station.

The train interior has a prayer box which is in collaboration with the Kamado Shrine in Dazaifu which is known as bringing good luck in marriage. If you write your wishes such as your wish to get married, it will be delivered to the shrine and you will get a commemoration stamp which would be a good memory of the trip.

【Operation Guide】http://inf.nishitetsu.jp/train/tabito/schedule/index.html

“Sakamoto Hachiman Shrine” which is associated with “Reiwa” and gaining popularity!

The shrine has been worshiped as the land god and Ubusuna no kami. The enshrined deity is Emperor Ojin.

The “Sakamoto Hachiman Shrine” which is the place where Otomo no Tabito’s house -where the plum blossom viewing party was held- was located. It has become a popular tourist spot as the birthplace of the new Imperial era.

It takes around 15 minutes by bus from Nishitestu “Dazaifu” Station to the “Sakamoto Hachiman Shrine” (\100 one way).

Please get off at “Dazaifu Government Office Ruins”.

Community bus “Mahoroba Go”

You can see the “Dazaifu Exhibition Hall” at the opposite side of the bus stop. You can learn about the origin of the new Imperial period and the history of Dazaifu here.

A corner which provides information on “Reiwa”.

The “Dazaifu Government Office Ruins” has been the largest office of the region which presided over ancient Kyushu between late 7th Century to the Nara and Heian period. Now it is a park, which is a place of relaxation for citizens.

You will see the “Sakamoto Hachiman Shrine” if you walk through to the north west from the tranquil plains of the “Dazaifu Government Office Ruins” which is located right in front of the exhibition hall.

The compact wooden shrine is the Shinto Deity of the Sakamoto-ku which stretches thinly from the southern foot of Mt. Shioji to the south on the river side.

The wooden hall where visitors form a line.

There are several monuments of the poet within and near the shrine.

【more information】

To the Dazaifu Tenman-gu which has the atmosphere of history and “wa(和)”.

After visiting the Sakamoto Hachiman Shrine, you can go back to the Sohongu of Tenjin, the Dazaifu Tenman-gu and have a stroll.

The sacred tree which is said to be more than 100 years old.

The fresh green season in which the plum trees bear fruit in the wide compound is refreshing.

Try out the “Reiwa burger” if you get hungry.

There is a “Reiwa Burger” even in the Dazaifu Tenman-gu! You will find the burger & fried chicken shop called “CHIKUSHI-AN” right in front of you if you turn left from the small torii in the road leading to the shrine. The shop has selected its materials such as the flour and oil, and it is popular for its peculiar “Dazaifu Burger” which uses the local delicacy, the plums and the “Gokaku (to pass an exam) Burger”. You can purchase their new product the “Reiwa Burger”.

“Plum Blossom Viewing Party, Reiwa Burger” (\500 per burger) is huge※They may not be able to provide the burger which has the branding in lunch hours or depending on the sales.

Dazaifu Government Office Ruins
Address: 4-6-1, Kanzeonji, Dazaifu, Fukuoka
Access: Around 15-minute walk from Nishitetsu train station, “Tofuro-mae” Station. Alternatively, you can get on the community bus “Mahoroba Go” in front of the Nishitetsu train station, “Dazaifu” Station which takes around 15-minutes and get off at “Dazaifu-seichoato” bus stop.

※read more: Visit the “Reiwa” places in Fukuoka and Dazaifu in celebration of the start of the new Imperial era “Reiwa”! 【part 2】

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