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Must-sees! Seven highlights of renovated Fukuoka Tower are introduced all at once!

Fukuoka Tower was reopened on February 1, 2019, which had been closed for thorough renovation work for the first time since its opening in 1989!

Realizing the concept of renovation, “create memories of Fukuoka at Fukuoka Tower”, the tower was reborn as a facility offering memorable experiences and impressions to all visitors including friends, families, and couples.

福岡タワー スカイイルミネーション画像

Taking an advantage of the characteristics of a seaside tower, the interior was remodeled, where you can experience the “from the sea to the sky” plot. On top of this, the content in which you can find and experience the new Fukuoka while enjoying the sky and outlook of Fukuoka was added.

“SKY Walk 123 steps (VR binoculars)” in which you can have a walk-in-the-sky experience over Nokonoshima Island, Maizuru Park, or other places of the city and “Fukuoka Time Laps Panorama” which provides information of famous spots and facilities in the city along with images of a variety of sceneries seen from the tower are available.

The huge “Sky Gacha” that looks like capsule toys falling from the sky, or “Happening Window”, a trick window where you can enjoy tricks as if something is happening out of the window, and many more!

Seven highlights of renovated Fukuoka Tower are introduced all at once!

1. Sky Illumination

福岡タワー スカイイルミネーション画像

The 123-meter-high 3rd observation floor : The 123-meter-high observation floor where you can have the maximum fun with the outlook of Fukuoka

The 3rd observation floor where you can fully enjoy the view from the height of 123 meters. When the Sky Illumination is lit, the collaboration of a bird’s-eye view of Fukuoka city lights at night and the illumination can be seen.

2. Renovated Lover’s Sanctuary

福岡タワー 恋人の聖地画像

The popular spot of Fukuoka Tower, Lover’s Sanctuary is also renovated!

When you and your partner hold hands and touch the heart of Lover’s Sanctuary, it shines and heart-shaped locks can be locked on a fence to make a vow to love each other.

3. You can have VR experiences as if you are flying in the sky! SKY Walk 123 steps

福岡タワー スカイウォーク123歩画像

VR binoculars create virtual experiences of walking in the sky over Nokonoshima Island, Maizuru Park and other places in the city.

At Sky Walk 123 steps, looking through VR binoculars, you can have virtual experiences of walking in the sky over Nokonoshima Island, Maizuru Park and other places in the city.

4. Capsule toys are falling from the sky! Sky Gacha, a new installation to the tower!

福岡タワー 天空ガチャ

Sky Gacha

A new, huge installation, “Sky Gacha”, looks like capsule toys falling from the sky!

5. New sensational fortune telling! Fortune Telling Pinball

福岡タワー おみくじピンボール

Fortune Telling Pinball, a new installation to the tower

A new sensational fortune telling, “Fortune Telling Pinball” that projects an image of shooting pinballs to the sky. Enjoy and try your fortune.

6. What’s happening out of the window?! Happening Window

福岡タワー ハプニングウィンドウ

What’s happening out of the window?!

A trick window, “Happening Window” that develops an illusion that something is happening out of the window. For sure you’ll be surprised!

7. New Illumination!

福岡タワー 新イルミネーション画像

New illumination emphasizes the distinguishing design of Fukuoka Tower

New illumination emphasizes the tower’s distinguishing “triangle shape” by replicating the V-line of cross-section surface of the tower-top. The front view expresses the dynamic tower and its structural beauty and at the side, the multiple sloping gradations project images of “waves” and “breeze” of Momochihama.

◎Lighting Period: February 1 (Fri) – March 15 (Fri) / 17:30 – 23:00
※ After March 15, this special lighting will be on in normal times except for event days.


How did you like the highlights of Fukuoka Tower?

Other than those highlights, other parts of the facility have been renovated for a more comfortable time, including the entrance hall which is more suitable as an entrance of a seaside tower, elevator hall where you can feel as if you are in the ocean, and easy-to-use restrooms with multilingual signs.

Please come and enjoy the new Fukuoka Tower!

Fukuoka Tower

  • Momochi , Sawara Area

This tower of 234 meters above sea level is the tallest beach tower in Japan. This symbolic building of Fukuoka's western subcenter, covered by as many as 8000 half-mirrors and boasting a sharp appearance with its triangular structure, is known by the name of Mirror Sail. The panoramic view of Fuku…

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