Exhibition of the Kurodas’ noted samurai swords “Heshikiri-Hasebe, national treasure” and “Nikko-Ichimonji long sword, national treasure”. The exhibition collaborates with the online game “Token-Rambu” as well! [Fukuoka City Museum]

Momochi , Sawara Area

National treasure swords, “Heshikiri-Hasebe” and “Nikko-Ichimonji” are on display!

When the national treasure swords are exhibited at Fukuoka City Museum every year in January, many viewers come from all over Japan. This year again the exhibition collaborates with the instigator of the sword boom – “Token Rambu-ONLINE-”.

★National treasure sword – “Heshikiri-Hasebe”
January 5th (Fri) – February 4th (Sun), 2018

The noted sword was given by Oda Nobunaga to Kuroda Kanbei when they had a meeting where Kuroda volunteered to cooperate in attacking Mori clan on behalf of his master, Kodera Masamoto.
It is said that the origin of the name of the sword came from an incident where a Chabozu (a head of tea ceremony) provoked and angered Nobunaga. The Chabozu hid under the shelf, then Nobunaga inserted and the sword and pressed it hard to cut (in Japanese, “heshikiru”) the Chabozu off.


★National treasure sword – “Nikko-Ichimonji”
February 6th (Tue) – March 4th (Sun), 2018

The sword was given to Kanbei by Hojo Ujinao to thank him for acting as an intermediary when Hojo surrendered to Toyotomi Hideyoshi.
The sword was originally devoted to Nikko-Gongensha Shrine (Tochigi pref.); however, it was passed over to the founder of Hojo family, Hojo Soun and it became a treasured sword of the family.
This is a masterpiece from Ichimonji style sword production in Bizen-Fukuoka (Okayama pref.), and has beautiful wave patterns of a sword blade called Choshi-Midare created during the tempering process.


★Collaboration between the exhibition of treasured swords to Kuroda family and Token-Rambu-ONLINE-!
January 5th (Fri) – February 12th (Mon/Holiday)

A collaboration will be held between the exhibition of treasured swords to Kuroda family and “Token-Rambu-ONLINE-” – a simulation game of personified swords!
From January 5th (Fri) to February 12th (Mon/Holiday), life-sized cardboard version of the two blade boys, Heshikiri-Hasebe, Nihon-go are on display and illustrations from last year which were drawn only for this occasion are also displayed this year again, and collaboration goods that will attract the fans (4-piece set of A4-size clear files and picture post cards)!

*The number of goods on sale varies on the day. Please check at the museum shop.
*The number of goods on sale is limited. Please understand in advance in case the goods are sold out.

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