Opening of the November Grand Sumo Tournament

Hakata Area

Opening at last!  The November Grand Sumo Tournament is about to begin!

The Grand Sumo Tournament is being held at Fukuoka Kokusai Center from November 12 (Sun.) ~ 26 (Sun.)!  You will also have a chance to enjoy Sumo matches of the ranks below Makushita.

Among attractions presented alongside the Grand Sumo Tournament, we offer a photo exhibition of Kisenosato`s rise to the 72nd Yokozuna plus photos of other previous Yokozunas.   Poster Calendar gifts will be presented each day to the first 200 spectators to arrive.   Official goods will be available for purchase.

Join us ! Feel the heat of the crowd, share the powerful impact of the moment as Sumo wrestlers  lock in battle.


Grand Sumo can be divided into 10 ranks, or Banzuke.  The top rank of Yokozuna, or Grand Champion, is followed by the ranks of Ozeki, Sekiwake, Komusubi, Maegashira and Juuryo which together are called the Sekitori.   Below the Sekitori ranks are Makushita, Sandanme, Jonidan and Jonokuchi.

The Dohyo Timetable:


8:35 ~  
Jonokuchi, Jonidan, Sandanme and Makushita Sumo rounds

14:35 ~ 
Juuryo Sumo rounds

15:40 ~ 
Makuuchi Ring-Entering Ceremony
Popular wrestlers ( Rikishi) wearing colorful ceremonial belts will parade the ring

15:55 ~ 
Yokozuna Ring- Entering Ceremony
The Yokozuna escorted by the Tachimochi and Tsuyubarai escorts will perform the ceremony

16:10 ~ 
Makuuchi Sumo rounds
Heated battle begins!

The bow-twirling ceremony performed at the end of a day of Sumo

*Provisional schedule subject to change.
*On the final day of the Tournament (Senshuuraku) the entire program will begin 30 minutes early.

Fukuoka City Tourist Information (Tenjin) is offering tickets for the November Grand Sumo Tournament!

To introduce to foreign visitors part of Japan`s traditional culture and one of Fukuoka`s main attractions, “Kyushu`s Grand Sumo Tournament” tickets are available for purchase at Fukuoka City Tourist Information in Tenjin.  Multi-lingual Tourist Information staff will assist in ticket sales and provide information. 

*In the event tickets are sold out for the day you wish to attend, please contact us at 092-751-6904

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