“Sun Shower: Contemporary Art Exhibition of South-East Asia from 1980’s up to now” Fukuoka Asian Art Museum [Hakata Aki-Haku 2017]

Nakasu-Kawabata Area

Whether it rains or shines, art of South-East Asia keep moving.

In recent years, contemporary art of South-East Asia attracts international attention together with
it’s remarkable economic development .

Its process was back to back – development and trouble like sun shower.

We will introduce art works of approximately 30 artists in 1980’s up to now from 10 countries in
South-East Asia which changed dynamically between colonial occupation and freedom, dictatorship
and democratization, economic development and disparities in depth with 9 points of view such as
“Passion and Revolution”, “Various identity” and “Dialogue with history”.

There is a special exhibition “Unique to Fukuoka” as well!

“Sun Shower Exhibition: Contemporary Art Exhibition of South-East Asia from 1980’s up to now”
partly circulates the exhibition (July 5 - October 23) which is jointly hosted by The National Art
Center, Tokyo, Mori Art Museum and The Japan Foundation Asia Center.

Furthermore collections of Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, archive of the display and documentary film
of exhibiting artists who carried out the performance in 90’s will be also displayed in Fukuoka.

We will show you the trajectory of art exchange between South-East Asia and Fukuoka which is
unique to Fukuoka.


[Related Event]
★Socially Engaged Art in Asia Pacific
Case report and discussion on arts involved in society in Asia.
Date and time: November 26 (Sun.) 14:00~17:00
Venue: Ajibi Hall (8 F)
Participants: Mr. Leonor Veiga (Leiden University, researcher)
*Residence researcher, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum
Mr. James Jack (Kyushu University Social Art Lab., artist)
Mr. Healoha Johnston (Honolulu Academy of Arts, curator)
Mr. Tomomichi Nakao (Curator, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum), and others.
※ Admission free, Japanese-English consecutive interpretation service available


[Connected to South East Asia in Hakata <Held at the same time>]
Exhibition artist of “Sun shower: Contemporary Art Exhibition of South-East Asia from 1980’s up to
now” (Tokyo), Susan Victor (Singapore) presents production installation at Jotenji Temple, Hakata.
★Connected to South-East Asia in Hakata.
Date: November 1 (Wed.) - December 25 (Mon.)
Venue: Jotenji Temple (1-29-9 Hakataekimae, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi)


[Asian Gallery Collection Exhibition]
Admission ticket of “Sun Shower Exhibition” is good for this exhibition during “Sun Shower
Exhibition” period. only.
※Quiet chaos (Chaos) – Looking at Thailand contemporary art from Fukuoka
Event period: May 11 (Tur.) -December 25 (Mon.) 2017

★Commemoration of Fukuoka-Yangon Sister city conclusion Welcome to Myanmar Art!
Event period: August 31 (Thu.) 2017 - January 9 (Tue.) 2018



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