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Oyster Hut in Bayside [Bayside Place Hakata] 2021-2022

Hakata Area

Oyster Hut in Bayside 2021-2022

Open again this year at Bayside Place Hakata, walking distance from Tenjin.
The annual and very popular Oyster Hut in the heart of the city opens this year on the 3rd of November!

On 3rd November the place to enjoy oysters has opened at Bayside Place Hakata. This year the opening day has become earlier than usual.

You can enjoy the delicacy from 1,100 yen at the Oyster Hut in Bayside, feeling the breeze of the ocean.

It is located at the Bayside Canopy, a spacious and well ventilated outdoor facility yet warm by the charcoal fire. Bayside Place Hakata itself is operated in a safe and comfortable manner.

You can enjoy not only fresh oysters but also a variety of other ingredients from seafood to meat in BBQ style.
Come to the Bayside Place Hakata and enjoy plump oysters!


“Assorted Oysters” ¥1,100
*The provenance varies according to season.
*The number of oysters varies depending on their kind and size.

Menu & other information  (Please scan the QR code of above photo for futther information)
Set Menu “Barbequed Oysters”
“Wangan A” for two 2,750 → ¥2,200
1 Assorted Oysters, 2 Turban Shells and 2 Scallops or Noble Scallops
“Wangan B” for three 8,470 → ¥7,700
2 Assorted Oysters, 3 Turban Shells, 3 Prawns, 3 Scallops or Noble Scallops, 3 Hard Clams, 3 Surf Clams and assorted Yakitori

Bargain Menu “Party Course” ¥4,950 per person, with all-you-can-drink for 90 mins
Oysters, Prawns, Turban Shells, Scallops, Yakitori (Boneless Pork Libs, Chicken Thigh and Chicken Skins), Sausages, Chicken Wings, Grilled Vegetables and Rice Ball

Popular Menu “Gangan Yaki”   Zosui (rice porridge) as pot finisher, for two ¥660
Gangan Yaki A ¥2,200  1 Assorted Oysters
Gangan Yaki B 4,070 → ¥3,740  1 Assorted Oysters, 2 Prawns and 2 Turban Shells
Gangan Yaki C 5,500 → ¥4,950  1 Assorted Oysters, 2 Prawns, 2 Turban Shells, two Scallops and 2 Surf Clams
*For charcoal it costs additionally¥330 per person.

*All prices include tax.  *There are a la carte items as well.
*Please note that menus and prices are subject to change.
*All prices include tax.
*Photos are for illustrative purposes only.
*Please pay 330 yen per person for charcoal.
*The type of oyster will change depending on the season.
*The number of Assorted Oysters will vary depending on the type and size.

Oyster House in Bayside is implementing the following measures against COVID-19. Your cooperation is highly appreciated.
[For the staff]
・Temperature screening
・Wearing a mask
・Frequent disinfection

[In the kitchen and seating areas]
・Frequent disinfection
・Maintaining an appropriate distance between tables

[For customers]
・Temperature screening
・Providing sanitizer
・Please wear a mask when you are not eating.

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