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Enjoy Autumn at Fukuoka Castle Remains! 【Fukuoka Castle Area】2021

Ohori/Ropponmatsu Area

This autumn, various events will be held at the Fukuoka Castle Remains area(Jonai, Chuo-ku). Please come to enjoy the autumn and feeling the history from ancient to modern times by experiencing valuable historical sites and cultural assets such as Fukuoka Castle Remains and Korokan Ruins.

Tamon Yagura Week

From Sunday 31 October to Sunday 7 November 2021, with the theme of “Tamon Yagura Week”, various events will be held at Tamon Yagura which is a national important cultural asset that has survived since Edo period.

Tamon Yagura, the national important cultural property, will open to public everyday during the week.

On Sunday 31 October, you can enjoy a JAZZ concert at the beginning  of “Tamon Yagura Week” and on Saturday 6 November, there will be held a ninja show, a shuriken tournament, and have a ninja experience in front of the Yagura. On Sunday 7 November, you can take a part of a photo shoot for a pet magazine!

※Restricted admission may take place to avoid overcrowding.

★Kondo Takeyuki Quartet Jazz in Tamon Yagura

(from left)Saxophone/Kondo Takeyuki(近藤タケユキ)、Piano/Watanabe Daiki(渡辺大樹)、Bass/Akamatsu Takafumi(赤松貴文)、Drums&Percussion/Nakagawa Tomoyuki(中川智之)

Date&time:Sunday, October 31, 14:00~15:00 
※The event will be cancelled for rain.

Entry: 13pm~(free)
Capacity:150 ※There will be no seats. Please bring your own picnic sheet.
Please come and join a JAZZ concert at the beginning  of “Tamon Yagura Week.” Enjoy the songs about castle and other original composition under the autumn sky♪

★Ninja Show in Tamon Yagura

Date&time:Saturday, 6 November
[first show]11:00~[second show]13:00~ 
※each show about 30 mins
After the show, you can have a photo shoot with the katana.

★ Shuriken Tournament

Date&time:Saturday, November 6, 13:30~15:00
※Reception from 12:00 ※There will be some prizes for top winners.
You can also experience being as a ninja. Try Shuriken at the Shuriken Dojo for 200 yen per session (with a prize).

Kichi Kichi-Dog & Cat Walking Watching in Tamon Yagura

Date&time:Sunday, November 7, 10:00~12:00(only for members)/13:00~15:00(open to public)
※only for members before noon, you can register on the day 
There will be a free pet photo shooting for the pet magazine 「Kichi Kichi(犬吉猫吉)」.
Please check the official site for further information.

Fukuoka Castle Autumn Festival [Aki no Jin]

From Saturday 6 November to Sunday 7 November 2021, the eventFukuoka Castle Autumn Festival [Aki no Jin] will be held at Korokan Square. You can experience the Takagari which is the falconry by samurai in pastime and horse riding in Japanese armour.

Also, there will be a bon dance stage, track market, please come and enjoy all the activities at Fukuoka Castle!

Date&time:Saturday 6 November ~Sunday 7 November 2021
                          11:00~19:00 ※The event will be no cancelled for rain.

Place:Maizuru Park Korokan square (Heiwadai Baseball Stadium Remains)

Tickets:pre sale ticket 800 yen, same day ticket 1000 yen 
※The WEB limited ticket is now on sale 
Please check the official website and instagram for further information.

Korokan Ikyou – Lasting Culture

Korokan was a facility for welcoming foreign guests in ancient times. It was discovered in 1987 during renovation of Heiwadai Stadium. At the Korokan Remains exhibition hall, visitors can enjoy meals for hospitality served in ancient times, as well as making ancient incense and trying on restored costumes of Nara-period and taking photos .

★Making Ancient Incense

Date&time:Saturday, 20 November, 2021
     ①10:00~11:30 ②13:00~14:30
Capacity:5 people each time
Fee:3500 yen

★Enjoy Ancient Meals for Hospitality

Date&time:Sunday, 28 November, 2021 
     ①11:00~12:30 ②13:00~14:30
Capacity:20 people each time
Fee:5000 yen

★Try On Restored Costumes 

Date&time:Sunday, 21 November ~ Tuesday/public holiday, 23 November  2021
     ①10:00~11:30 ②14:00~15:30
Capacity:4 people each time
Fee:2000 yen
Please find official site for further information.

Let’s Have Fun at Maizuru Park in Autumn!

Date&time:Wednesday/public holiday, 3 November, 10:00~16:00 ※No cancellations for light rain
Place:Maizuru Park Sannomaru Square 

This is the event that you can have fun and enjoy sports close to natural at Sannomaru Square. There will be workshops such as jumbo bubbles, wreath making, slow jogging® and yoga.

[Second Hand Books Market in Fukuoka Castle]

Date&Time:Wednesday/public holiday, 3 November, 11:00~15:30 
※postponed to Saturday 6 November in case of rain
Place:Fukuoka Castle Remains Plum garden

This market is selling the second books from open recruitment at the plum garden in Fukuoka Castle Garden. The original BOOKUOKA tote bag will be sold here as well.

※To prevent the spread of the COVID-19, please cooperate by wearing a mask and following cough etiquette, taking temperature, disinfecting and washing your hands. Please refrain from visiting if you have a fever or are not feeling well. Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation.

※The event content is subject to change depending on the situation. Restricted admission may take place to avoid overcrowding.

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