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Canal City AQUA PANOAMA Vol. 12 GUNDAM SCRAMBLE in FUKUOKA 【Canal City Hakata】 2021

Nakasu-Kawabata Area

GUNDAM SCRAMBLE in FUKUOKA A new AQUA PANORAMA show with an original sequence of Gundam.

In commemoration of the 25th anniversary of Canal City Hakata, GUNDAM SCRAMBLE in FUKUOKA, a new kind of entertainment show consisted of fountain, music, light and visual image, has begun on 24 April 2021 (Sat).

★With mobile suits gathering from Kyushu, the story of battle unfolds in your town, Fukuoka/Hakata.
41-year old anime legend, Gundam, still attracts men and women of all ages. This show materialized what any fans of Gundam and its plastic models imagined once at least; “What happens if model suits appear in the city we live?”

The settings are cities in Kyushu including Fukuoka/Hakata.
Against a backdrop of familiar views projected onto a gigantic screen of about 2,500 inches long, almost full-scale mobile suits spark battles.

In the streets of Fukuoka precisely drawn up like a live-picture, mobile suits move and fight, which captures you attention with its surreal and powerful image. You can also enjoy guessing the exact locations on the screen.


Scenting a development plan of a new Gundam at Canal City Hakata, Neo Zeon orders its mobile suites located across Kyushu to head for Fukuoka. Several types of Gundam stand for the battle… Will a new type of Gundam really exist? Which side will win in the battle?

What are must-sees?
-This is created only for Canal City Hakata. You can witness an original mobile suit.
-Mobile suits get together from Nagasaki, Oita, Beppu, Fukuoka and more in Kyushu. Battles unfold in our cities.
-You can join the final battle held by an interactive format.

Which wins? It will depend on your participation!
Access to Canal City Hakata official web site to choose a side you support. Tap a touch screen repeatedly to charge the energy gauge to attack. Your contribution will decide the winner of a 50-second battle. (Produced by Zero-Ten Inc. and Good Luck 3 Inc.)


THE GUNDAM BASE FUKUOKA (South Building 1st Floor) deals in Gunplas limited editions appeared in the show.
Unicorn Gundam Perfectibility Last Battle Versions, 1,980-3,740 yen

※COVID-19 precautious measures at GUNDAM SCRAMBLE in FUKUOKA and GUNDAM docks at FUKUOKA
Events held at Canal City Hakata are held following the guideline that Canal City Hakata established on its own in accordance with health protocols by the Japanese government, Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka City and various industry groups.
Please find below attached PDF file for further information. (Japanese only) 

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