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Evangelion x Fukuoka Tower "Fukuoka Tower Complementary Plan" 2021

Momochi , Sawara Area

The view from the observation room of Fukuoka Tower, including buildings, residential areas, mountains and sea, is just like the city of Tokyo-3!
There will be set photo shoot spots where you can take pictures of Evangelion and angel (shito)  together with the real scenery!

◎Date/Saturday, March 27 ~ Sunday, June 13 2021
◎Location: Fukuoka Tower Observation Room
◎Fee/general ticket is required
※Please note that this event may be cancelled or postponed depending on the conditions.

Content 01/Evangelion and pilots will be at the observation room!

Evangelions and pilots will appear on the windows of the observation room! This is a photo spot where you can take a photo with the real scenery of Fukuoka.

Content 02/Battle, Shin-Momochihama

An angel (shito) appear in the sky of Fukuoka. The view from 123m above the ground just like inside the cockpit of Evangelion.

Content 03/ life-size panel of Shinji, Rei, Asuka, Mari, Kaworu

The life-size panel of the characters will be displayed at the observation room. Who will be at the heart shaped spot?

Content 04/Panels of the movie scene and video

You can enjoy the panels and video contents from Evangelion movie. Also from the latest film!

Content 05/Become the size of Evangelion

A photo spot where you can take pictures look like as big as Evangelion . Join the battle against the angels!

There will also have other secret contents, stay tuned!

special presents for visitors

Original collaboration postcard [limited to the first 5,000 vistors・ one postcard per person].
Total 6 types of postcards will be distributed randomly everyday.

In additiona, if you have
“receipt purchasing Evangelion goods at Hakata Den-ya on 1st floor of Fukuoka Tower”
“receipt purchasing from Evangelion Store Hakata”
“receipt purchasing from EVA STORE LIMITED@Fukuoka Tenjin”
“ticket of for Shin Evangelion Movie at United Cinema Fukuoka Momochi,” 
two limited-edition postcards will be given to you!

※If you would like to receive the postcard, please ask the ticket counter for further information.

【Special Illumination】

From May 19 (Wednesday)~May 23(Sunday)、the imaged color of Evangelion Unit 1, Unit 0, Unit 2, Mark.06, and Unit 8 will be lit up daily. Let’s aim for shooting 5 colors completely in 5 days!
(Details will be announced later.)
To prevent the spread of the COVID-19, please cooperate by wearing a mask and following cough etiquette, taking temperature, disinfecting and washing your hands.
Please find the official site for further instructions. Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation.
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