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Societe IRF Moves Forward : Avant-Garde Photographs and Paintings of Fukuoka[Fukuoka Art Museum]2021

Ohori/Ropponmatsu Area

Seven members of Societe IRF, an art group that was formed in 1939 in Fukuoka, exhibited photographs and paintings in response to an avant-garde photo movement spreading through the country. We will re-examine their activities that always sought newness and tried to go beyond genres, by introducing the artworks that link international art movement, such as surrealism and abstract art.

To prevent the spread of the COVID-19, please follow the instructions below. 
【Requests to Visitors】
■ Please do not enter the museum if you have the following symptoms: fever or colds (cough, sore throat) or feeling sick.
■ Wear face masks.
■ Cooperate with the temperature check if you have not checked it yet.
■ Clean your hands and fingers with hand sanitizers provided in the museum.
■ Keep the social distance (around 2 m) from others in the museum and refrain from chatting and staying too long in the exhibition rooms.
■ Avoid touching the artworks, display cases, and walls.
■ Restricted admission may take place to avoid overcrowding in the exhibition rooms.

【Our Effort】
■ Hand sanitizers are placed near each entrance of the exhibition room in the museum.
■ We frequently perform cleaning and sanitization of the parts where hands often touched, such as the doorknobs and handrails.
■ To conduct a regular operation safely, the museum staff will take care of their health care check, wear makes, and promote hand-washing while in the service.

Please find official website for further information. Thank you for your kind cooperation. 

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