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Setsubun Festival [Tochoji Temple] 2020

Hakata Area

Once-a-year Setsubun Festival has been popular and loved among locals as “fuku-wa uchi, oni-wa soto” (shouts of out with evil, in with fortune).

The festival at Tochoji Temple has been continuously held since Muromachi Period, and Seven Deities of Good Fortune and Otafuku (smiling woman) also appear on the day.

During the festival, the multi-armed Kannon statue, Japan’s one of the important intangible cultural assets and Rokkakudo Buddhist sanctum, a cultural asset in Fukuoka City, are open to public and every year the temple is full of worshippers.

On February 3 (Mon), 2020 of Grand Setsubun festival, the bean-throwing ritual will be held lavishly by Toshi-otoko (men who were born in a year with the same Chinese zodiac sign as the current year) and local noted personalities of Fukuoka/ Hakata, as well as rice cakes, oranges, sweets, and more are thrown swiftly from the main hall of the temple
Shops sell Fukumame (fortune beans) and lucky charms, and serve Amazake (sweet fermented rice drink) will be set up.

[The Festival Eve] 13:00 – 18:00, February 2 (Sun), 2020
●Setsubun bean-throwing: as-needed basis from 13:00
●Fukubiki lottery: 13:00 – 18:00

[Kaiun-Yakuyoke (bringing in fortune and warding off evil) / Setsubun Grand Festival]
10:00 – 18:00, February 3 (Mon), 2020
●Setsubun bean-throwing: as-needed basis from 09:30
●Goma Prayer (fire ritual) for Kaiun-yakuyoke (warding off evil and bringing in fortune):from 11:00 / 14:00
●Star Festival/ Fire Festival: from 10:00

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