Oyster Hut in Bayside [Bayside Place Hakata] 2019-2020

Hakata Area

Within walking distance from Tenjin, Hakata! The oyster hut by the ocean is open this year again!

“Oyster Hut in Bayside” where the winter feature of Bayside Place Hakata can be enjoyed at the center of the city, is held until mid-March!

Let’s introduce some of this year’s featured menus!

– Assorted Oysters ¥1,100 (tax included)
– Oysters Comparison Set (3 kinds) ¥2,200 (tax included)

*Oyster kinds such as Itoshima, Tsuyazaki, Hiroshima, Miyagi, etc. vary depending on the stock of the day.

Economical set menus are also available!

– Seashore Set A ¥2,200 (tax included) 1 Assorted Oysters, 2 Turban Shells, 2 Noble Scallops or Scallops
– Seashore Set B¥4,400 (tax included) 1 Assorted Oysters, 2 Turban Shells, 2 Shrimps with heads, 2 Noble Scallops or Scallops, Overnight Dried Squid, Grilled Vegetables
– Seashore Set C ¥7,700 (tax included) 2 Assorted Oysters, 3 Turban Shells, 3 Shrimps with heads, 3 Noble Scallops or Scallops, Grilled Vegetables, Overnight Dried Squid, Assorted Grilled Skewers

[Banquet Course] … per customer ¥4,500 (tax included)
Oysters, Turban Shells, Scallops, Shrimps with heads, Wieners, Chicken Wings, Grilled Skewers (Chicken Thigh, Pork Belly, Chicken Skin), Grilled Vegetables, Rice Ball
2 hours all-you-can-drink included! *Last order is 30 minutes before the time limit

*Menus and prices are subject to change.

▼Enjoy illumination as well (December 1, 2019 – March 15, 2020)!

Bayside Illumination – Port of Light [Bayside Place Hakata] Romantic illumination that can be seen only at the seaside

  • 2019.12.01 〜 2020.03.15
  • Hakata Area

“Bayside Illumination – Port of Light” jazzing up the winter-time bay area will be held!The bayside area will become more and more brilliant with lots of creations by lights reflected on the surface of the water, such as lit up palm trees, deck fence illumination, and so forth.Enjoy the romantic il…

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