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Kushida Shrine Night Party - Directed by NAKED -

Nakasu-Kawabata Area

To mark the Rugby World Cup 2019, a special light-up and dance show will be held at Kushida Shrine that is called “Okushida-san” as a term of endearment by the locals.

This show is designed and performed by Naked, a creative company known for the projection mapping show at Tokyo Station and the lighting design at Kyoto Nijojo Castle.

This is an event where you can enjoy the night of Hakata through the lighted up towering gingko tree and Yamakasa Festival float as well as a line-up Yatai or food stalls, one of the highlights of the town.

Enjoy a special night at the Hakata Old Town that tells rich history.

For more details, please refer to the link below.

Please show your Hakata Old Town Light-up Walk ticket to get your cup of sake at Kushida Shrine.

In between performances you will be served sake made by Ishikura Brewery, an only sake maker remaining in the city.

Please enjoy strolling in the event area where you can get various free gifts if you have a ticket of Hakata Old Town Light-up Walk and a sake cup provided at Kushida Shrine.

If you have a sake cup you will be served drink or food at restaurants and bars.

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