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Hakata Old Town Light-up Walk 2019 Sennen Koya [Hakata Old Town]

Hakata Area

Hakata Old Town Light-up Walk showcases Hakata’s autumn night. This year’s theme is “Night Museum”.

A wonderful night-time temple and shrine tour set in “Hakata Old Town” with many shrines and temples. This year’s light-up walk is full of art, night markets, and Japanese entertainment!

Walk, eat, have fun, and pray. Enjoy the long autumn night of Hakata.

✿Light-up Venues

Light-ups will be held for 4 days on 10 paid venues and 8 free venues this year.

Paid Venue:
Hongakuji Temple/ Zendoji Temple/ Myotenji Temple/ Kaigenji Temple/ Kushida Shrine (Shimekakeinari Shrine)/ Ryuguji Temple/ Jotenji Temple (Hojo, Kaizando)/ Tochoji Temple/ Myorakuji Temple/ Engakuji Temple

Free Venue:
Shojoji Temple (Sammon gate)/ Ichigyoji Temple (Sammon gate)/ Katsuragi Jizoson/ Kushida Shrine (Premium Stage)/ “Hakata Machiya” Furusatokan/ Hakata Traditional Craft and Design Museum/ Jotenji Temple (Buddhist sanctum)/ Hakata Sennen-no-mon Gate

✿Related Event

●Hakata Old Town Marugoto Museum will be held at the same time!
It’s a new-style fusion event of modern artworks and art of exquisite lights displayed at historic temples!

●Kushida Shrine Tsuki-no En Directed by NAKED
A Kurodabushi song-themed premium show of lights and sounds where Shimekakeinari Shrine will be specially lit up by NAKED, the creative company producing light performance for Nijo-jo Castle in Kyoto.

●Night Market
Enjoy delicious gourmet food in between walks! Night markets will take place at 8 different locations this year!

Night Markets
Kushida Shrine/ Jotenji Temple/ Tochoji Temple/ Myorakuji Temple/ Hongakuji Temple/ Zendoji Temple/ Kaigenji Temple/ “Hakata Machiya” Furusatokan
Engakuji Temple (Serving tea)/ Hakata Traditional Craft and Design Museum (Café “Kaya”)

Admission Ticket: One ticket is admissible to all paid venues for one time each *Junior high school students and younger are free (must be accompanied by a guardian)
■Paper Ticket: advance ticket 1,000 yen (with tax) / walk-up ticket 1,500 yen (with tax)
■e-Ticket: advance ticket 950 yen (with tax) / walk-up ticket 1,450 yen (with tax)
■Express Pass: advance ticket 3,000 yen (with tax) <Limited to 50 tickets a day>
*This is a limited amount ticket permits admission to all paid venues without waiting in line.

*E-ticketing of advance ticket and Express Pass is also available.

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