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Kyushu Autumn Festival & Kyushu Beer Festival 2019 Fukuoka [Tenjin Central Park]

Tenjin/Yakuin Area

Early autumn in Fukuoka♪
Enjoy Kyushu autumn festival with a glass of craft beer in your hand♪

This year, “Kyushu Autumn Festival” will be held once again in Tenjin Central Park!
The simultaneously held event, “Kyushu Beer Festival Fukuoka” will mark its memorable 10th time, and it will be livelier than ever!

10 beer makers from 10 prefectures and metropolis across the country, including newcomers to the Kyushu Beer Festival are getting together!
So are lots of unique food from all over Kyushu♪

On top of “Kobe Beef Steak” – a Kobe Beef specialty restaurant and also a newcomer to the festival, gourmet going well with beer such as “Grilled Beef Tongue”, “Chicken wing with Mentai”, “Chikuwa Salad”, “Curry Bread” and “Fried Soba noodles with offal” which are perfect for light meals, will be offered♪

In addition, lots of children and women’s favorite menu including recently booming “Oreo Churros” and “Charcoal soft-serve ice cream” will be available!

Live stage performances are also scheduled.

Only during the two days of the event, September 22nd and 23rd, “MLB ROADSHOW 2019 in Fukuoka” will take place!!!

The baseball theme park which the Major League Baseball (MLB) has expanded all around the world including Asia, South America, and Europe will appear!

◎Beer Lineup

– NOMCRAFT BREWING (Wakayama pref./Newcomer to the event/GOLDEN ALE)
– Kibidoteshita Bakushu (Okayama pref./ Newcomer to the event/Pale Ale Misaki)
– Far Yeast Brewing (Tokyo/Tokyo White)
– Izushi Shiroyama Beer (Hyogo pref./ Session IPL)
– Daisen G Beer (Tottori pref./Weizen)
– Matsue Beer Hearn (Shimane pref./Sansho White Ale)
– KAKUIDA BREWERY (Kagoshima pref./Mango IPA)
– Kirishima Beer (Miyazaki pref./ PILSNER)
– Munemasa Palace Brewery(Saga pref./nomamba IPA)
– Brewmaster (Fukuoka pref./ Brewmaster Autumn Fest)

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