Hakata Summer Festival 2019 [Open Space in front of JR Hakata Station] Let’s Bon dance this year, too!!

Hakata Area

This year again, traditional festival that hotly colors the summer night will be held in front of Hakata Station.
Everybody is welcome to join in! Come in Yukata and let’s dance all together♪

This year again, the summer festival will take place at the open space in front of JR Hakata Station, the same as last year.

In the summer night in childhood, dressed up in Yukata, being led by the hand and went to a summer festival in the neighborhood.

Beckoned by lively festival music, everybody danced in a circle, to the familiar song.

Japanese summer festival represented by such “Bon Odori (dance)” is an important treasure that has inherited from generation to generation by locals since ancient times in each region, as well as a distinct and beautiful traditional culture that formed by people.

Once the Yamakasa festival was over, city of Fukuoka seems to fall deadly in still even in the middle of summer, but the open space in front of JR Hakata Station is always crowded with people come and go from home and abroad.

In this space, the traditional summer festival that Japan boasts to the world will be recreated on a large scale and make Fukuoka, Kyushu, and Japan much more energetic.

Delicious food and chilled beer available at food stalls. All-welcome Bon dance is take place every day! A festival that all ages can enjoy.

Don’t miss also stage events and festival stalls such as yo-yo fishing and shooting games!

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