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Night Aquarium [Marine World Uminonakamichi] 2019 “Night-time Dolphin Show” is a must-see!

East Area

Popular annual event “Night Aquarium” takes place

pecifications of “Night Aquarium” version from 6 pm, you can get a good look at sea creatures inside the dark tanks.
In addition, dolphins jumping in “Night-time Dolphin Show” held against the background of the beautiful Hakata Bay nightscape is a must-see!
You don’t need to leave the facility once for the night-time, as you could stay and enjoy all day continuously from day to night hours

[Recommendation Points of each hour]

●Good night penguins (Penguins’ Hill in Creature Island)
18:00 (Sat/ Sun/ Holiday/ Bon Holiday) / 18:30 (weekdays)
Explanations of penguins going back to their beds will be given. Pay attention to movements of adorable penguins!

●Experiments on light generation from sea fireflies
18:00/ 19:30 (Sat/ Sun/ Holiday/ Bon Holiday) / 19:00 (weekdays)

●Night-time sea otter (2F Sea Otter Pool)
18:30 (Sat/ Sun/ Holiday/ Bon Holiday)
Lilo and Mana are good friends. The sea otters’ cute actions will be shown in detailed using minicams!

●Sardine Show with sounds and lights (1F Open Ocean Tank)
19:00/ 20:00 (Sat/ Sun/ Holiday/ Bon Holiday) / 18:00/ 19:30 (weekdays)
About 20,000 sardines which usually form a school in the upper part of the tank during daytime will come down to the glass surface along with sounds and lights. It’s breathtaking!

●Night-time Dolphin Show (Show pool)
19:00/ 20:00 (Sat/ Sun/ Holiday/ Bon Holiday) / 20:00 (weekdays)
Enjoy the collaboration of nightscape and dolphins jumping in the air.

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