“THE STAR FESTIVAL” ―The Star Festival at Fukuoka Tower which is close to the Star― [Fukuoka Tower]

Momochi , Sawara Area

Heart Illumination will be shown at Star Festival!
The summer tradition, “The Star Festival at Fukuoka Tower” has lots of events!

◆Milky Way Illumination
Period:June 14 (Fri) – July 7 (Sun)
Illumination showing hours: 19:30 – 23:00 *20:00 on June 14 (Fri) only

◆Billiken will come to “Make a Wish Tree”

At the observation room (top floor, 123m high), visitors can write their wishes on a piece of tanzaku paper and tie it on a bamboo tree. Especially this time, Tsutenkaku Tower’s popular character, Billiken who is famous as the God of happiness will be there to make your wishes come true. All of these wishes will then be dedicated at “Kamado Shrine” after the event is over.
Period: June 14 (Fri) – July 7 (Sun)
Location: 3rd floor observation room

◆Special showing of Heart Illumination on July 7th (Star Festival)

Special version of LOVE Illumination Service (heart illuminations will be lit upon your request) will especially be held for couples on Star Festival celebrating Orihime and Hikoboshi’ reunion.

Date and Time: July 7 (Sun), at 20:00/ 21:00/ 22:00 (5 minutes each time)
Presentation Display: An angel comes from the sky and shoots a heart with a bow and arrow, making it explode into many little hearts.

◆Star Festival

At the plaza in front of Fukuoka Tower, visitors can enjoy Yakitori, candy apples, yo-yo fishing, live performances and more.

Date and Time: For 3 days from July 5 (Fri) to July 7 (Sun), around 12:00 – 22:00
Venue: the plaza in front of Fukuoka Tower
Street stalls: Yakitori, candy apples, snow cones, yo-yo fishing, etc.
Star Festival live concert will also be held on the night of July 7th!

◆50 % Discount for Visitors in Yukata or Jinbei!

Period: For 3 days from July 5 (Fri) to July 7 (Sun)
Discount: Visitors wearing a Yukata or Jinbei will get “50 % off” from the observation fee.

◆Opening hours will be extended

June 14 (Fri) – July 7 (Sun)
Opening Hours: 09:30 – 22:00 (last admission: 21:30)
*On July 7 (Sun), the hours will be extended until 23:00 (last admission: 22:30).
Illumination showing hours: 19:30 – 23:00 *20:00 on June 14 (Fri) only

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