GO!GO! KAIYODO Exhibition [Fukuoka PARCO] It’s been 55 years since the birth of “KAIYODO” - the pioneer of domestic figures. This time, about 1,000 masterpieces will be exhibited all at once!

Tenjin/Yakuin Area

The exhibition of selected masterpieces from about 2000 pieces will be held at Fukuoka PARCO in celebration of the pioneer of character-figure business, KAIYODO’s 55th anniversary.

Standard items of KAIYODO such as complimentary gifts and character figures, special tie-up related items of Degawa Tetsuro “Can I charge my scooter here?”, a TV program of Tokyo Network which is a favorite of KAIYODO’s president, Shuichi Miyawaki’s (commonly called “Senmu”), and masterpieces selected by “Senmu” in celebration of KAIYODO’s 55th anniversary will be displayed!

■Exhibition Contents

-Most Successive Masterpieces Collection
The selected masterpieces in 55 years of KAIYODO’s history will be displayed.

Senmu’s Top Recommendations!
The successive masterpieces selected by KAIYODO’s Senmu (President, Mr. Miyawaki) will be gorgeously displayed.

-KAIYODO Takumi Kobo
The works of each formative artists, the specialists of KAIYODO, will be displayed.

-DANBOARD Selections
The cardboard robot costume “DANBOARD” appearing in the comic book “Yotsuba&!”.
The best DANBOARDs created in the past by design company YOTUBA SUTAZIO and the group of formative artists, KAIYODO will be displayed all at once.

-Diorama Gallery
The diorama made by KAIYODO’s own skillful shaping expresses the worldview of figures in a box.

■Goods for Sale

-A collaborative shop with Degawa Tetsuro “Can I charge my scooter here?”
The official collaborative shop with the currently-on-air, Degawa Tetsuro “Can I charge my scooter here?”!
The popular standard items, as well as GO!GO! KAIYODO Exhibition original goods will be on sale.
The original drawing of woodblock print made by Udagawa Shimbun will be displayed!

KAIYODO’s currently-on-sale, popular products will be sold, as well as limited items available only in the venue.

-KAIYODO Capsule Figures
KAIYODO’s currently-on-sale, Capsule Figures will be set up.

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