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The Ghibli Exposition ― from Nausicaä to Marnie ― In commemoration of FBS’s 50th Anniversary [Fukuoka City Museum] A Cat Bus, huge flying ship, original drawings and other unpublished materials are exhibited

Momochi , Sawara Area

“The Ghibli Exposition ― from Nausicaä to Marnie ―”
This special exhibition traces the progress of Studio Ghibli over the past 30 years is held finally in Fukuoka!

How the work, from Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind” to “When Marnie Was There”, of Studio Ghibli was created and released?

This special retrospective traces the progress of Ghibli over the past 30 years and provides a unique insight into the studio’s creative processes with promotional materials including posters and flyers, unpublished materials such as raw materials and proposals, and so forth.

That is going to be another story of Ghibli that will vividly portray what the time of releasing of each film was like back then.


“Totoro Bar” ― welcome to the Studio Ghibli ―

A meeting room of Studio Ghibli has been re-created. The huge stuffed Totoro is on hand to meet visitors!


“Ghibli’s Storehouse” ― valuable goods are exhibited ―

The various promotional materials and valuable goods are exhibited!
A look of the materials goes all the way to the ceiling is just amazing!


“Poster Room” ― valuable materials and original drawings are exhibited ―

Film posters, original drawings of posters, notes, and so forth are exhibited fully in the space. The condensed Ghibli’s 30 yeas of history can be seen through never-been-published, valuable materials and original drawings, and such.


Flying machineries of Studio Ghibli

Flying machineries appear in the Ghibli film such as “Porco Rosso” and “The Wind Rises” are exhibited, including the moving model of huge flying ship of “Castle in the Sky”, its lively motion like a living creature makes you feel the obsessiveness of “longing the sky” of Ghibli.


Massively popular, “Cat Bus section”

The Cat Bus appears in “My Neighbor Totoro”, much-loved by people of all ages, is reproduced!


Original goods are sold!

The original goods of “The Ghibli Exposition” and other limited items that are available only in Fukuoka are sold!
*Please note that the number of products is limited.

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