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“SPACE INVADERS GROOVY -INVADE CANALCITY-”,  Canal City Hakata The 9th Canal Aqua Panorama.

Nakasu-Kawabata Area

Defeat space invaders by the power of your clapping sound!
Play with sounds! An audience-participatory live event!

Collaborating with fountain, music, light, and projection, “Canal Aqua Panorama” is an entertainment of new sensation, and the 9th one this time is “SPACE INVADERS GROOVY -INVADE CANALCITY-”, an audience-participatory, space-invader-themed attraction!

“SPACE INVADERS” is loved by everyone all around the world, from arcade-gamers generation to generation of those who play on the latest devices.

Not just game fans but everybody from all around the world can enjoy it from different angles, including the image of well-designed characters and the elaborate music.

★Defeat space invaders by the power of your clapping!

Invaders from space, “Space Invaders” have appeared over Canal City Hakata. The participants will be fighting them off by clapping their hands.

Clapping your hands while looking at the projection of the game on the wall with music inside the venue, and missiles will be fired to the invaders.

You can have a new experience in which music and games can be enjoyed at the same time.

★Amazing artists have taken part in the production

All the music of “SPACE INVADERS GROOVY -INVADE CANALCITY-” are original pieces that were written by famous artists for the 40th anniversary of the game!

[Participating Artists]
-Kosaka Daimao
-mitsuyuki miyake (mihimaru GT)
-☆Taku Takahashi(m-flo, block.fm)
-Shinichi Osawa (MONDO GROSSO)

Get together and protect the Canal from invading space aliens by the power of your clapping♪

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