Sennen Yoichi  ~ Fukuoka Freedom Night Market 2018 [Nakasu / Seiryu Park]

Nakasu-Kawabata Area

Opens every Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays! Let’s go to the Market on the night in Hakata!

New, Safe, Fun Night-out Spot in Hakata/ Fukuoka
The no-holds-barred market, Fukuoka Freedom Night Market “Sennen Yoichi” is open this year too!

Fukuoka Freedom Night Market “Sennen Yoichi” is held at Seiryu Park located at the riverside area just beside Canal City Hakata, within a walking distance from Tenjin and Hakata Station.

With “junction of tourists and the locals” as theme, the market has created in the motif of an Asian night market and the new, safe, fun night-out spot in Hakata/ Fukuoka that tourists and locals can visit freely.

Started in 2013, it has become a summer feature in Nakasu.
Not to mention food, this night market offers everything. Knickknacks, massage, fun stage performance … you name it!

Created under the theme of “junction of tourists and the locals”, this new, safe, fun night-out spot can be enjoyed by tourists and locals. Please make sure to stop by!

★Chikappa Yokocho
Outdoor restaurant offers tasty food. Diverse lineup of restaurants from the local and within Kyushu!

★Night Market
Night market’s most popular attraction is to get knickknacks or lucky finds.
Great location of riverside.

★Starry Night Stage
With live music, the stage gets warmed up!!

Various contents, such as fortune-telling, therapy, games will be waiting for you!

Fukuoka Freedom Night Market web site
Fukuoka Freedom Night Market facebook

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