Uminonkamichi Flower Picnic 2018 (Uminonakamichi Seaside Park) Walk around photogenic spost in Uminaka! Flower of the sea with nemophila and Flower bed of cherry patterned Hakata-ori textile patterns

East Area

Flower festival “Umononakamichi Flower Picnic” will be held at Uninonakamichi Seaside Park during the peak of spring flower season.

This spring, having concept of  “Walk around photogenic spots in Uminaka”, photo spots have been setting up in various places within seaside park focusing on scenic spots such as blue flower sea drawn with 1.5 million nemophila and “Flower bed with Hakata-ori textile patterns” which adopting cherry patterns boldly.


Recommended photogenic spots

◆Very popular every year! Flower of the sea drawn with blue nemophila.

Best season: Middle to late April
Display area: Approx. 1.5 million flowers in approx. 15,000m2 area
Venue: Hana no Oka (Flowers on the hill)

Hana no Oka with nemophila which has started in 2011 is the most popular view spot in spring. Whole hill is dyed with pale blue nemophila and the view of blue color is spread out in front of you.


◆Flower bed of Hakata-ori textile patterns with cherry blossoms.

Best season: Middle April to early May
Display area: Approx. 2.5 thousands trees (approx. 1,000m2 area)
Venue: Canale

Boldly mixed with cherry pattern and traditional pattern of Hakata-ori textile.
Foreign visitors would enjoy this design as well.


Uminaka Picnic Day  April 14th (Sat.), 15th (Sun.)

Enjoy picnic in Uminaka under the spring sky. Relax on hammock and inside a stylish tent.

  • Flower garden concert
  • Picture book story meeting under the sky
  • Experience Yoga on the glass
  • Photo session for family and dog
  • Picnic cafe


LOHAS picnic produced by LOHAS Festa  April 14th (Sat.), 15th (Sun.)

“LOHAS picnic” produced by environmental event LOHAS Festa started in Kansai will come to Uminonakamichi. 30 booths with stylish and cute handmade goods and antique will be set up. Food and workshop will be there as well.

Aiming at reducing garbage, visitors who show “my bag” at a reception desk will receive a small present. (To the first 50 people each day.)


Best time to view flowers

Cherry blossoms: Late March to early April
Tulip: Late March to middle April
Nemophila: Middle to late April


Free admission day

You could enter the park for free of charge on April 15 (Sun.)
※Parking, amusement facilities and aquarium are charged as usual.


Notification for revision of admission fee (Trial) ※Under junior high school student is free of charge.

As of April 1, admission fee will be revised. Review adult fee and make child fee free.
(This trial is only planned during April 1 2018 until March 31 2019)

・Adult (over 15 years old)  450
・Silver (over 65 years old)  210
・Under junior high school  Free


※Many more events will be coming up!
※As some events may require pre-application.


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