Attractions of Fukuoka and Hakata

Weather and Clothing

March to May

The most comfortable season of the year, warm enough for active leisure. Be prepared for changes in weather by bringing clothing that can be easily worn or taken off such as a thin coat or cardigan.

March → Jacket
April→ Long-sleeved shirt
May→Short and long-sleeve shirt

June to August

A dazzling sunlit season. To protect your skin from the UV rays, wear sunscreen lotion or a hat. The air conditioners at department stores and restaurants are cool so it is better to carry thin, long-sleeve wear.

June → Short and long-sleeve shirts
July, August → Short-sleeve shirt

September to November

A season of outdoor activities. It is still hot in September so short sleeve shirts will do but when October comes, the temperature swings very wildly. The temperature difference between day and night is large so a jacket will be necessary.

September → Short and long-sleeve shirts
October → Sweater and jacket
November → Jacket

December to February

A cold season of cold wind and snow. Warm underclothing, layered wears and a thick coat to protect against the cold wind are necessary, as are gloves and mufflers.

December, January, February→ Coat and muffler, gloves