Attractions of Fukuoka and Hakata

Access from Overseas

Fukuoka Airport
Known as the "Asian Gateway", Fukuoka City is connected with direct flights to various Asian cities and with ferries to Busan, Korea. However, since Fukuoka is not directly connected with American and European cities, tourists from these places have to take a connecting flight via Kansai or Narita International Airport. From Kansai (Osaka), Fukuoka is 1 hour 5 minutes by air or 2 hours 23 minutes by shinkansen (bullet train) Nozomi express; from Tokyo or Kyoto, 45 minutes by air or 5 hours 5 minutes by shinkansen (bullet train) Nozomi express. With such convenient accessibility, please come over to Fukuoka after your visit in Tokyo or Kyoto and Osaka.
Fukuoka ~ Ho Chi Minh
3hr 10min by air
Fukuoka ~ Manila
2hr 50min by air
Fukuoka ~ Singapore
5hr 35min by air
America (Guam)
Fukuoka ~ Guam
3hr 30min by air
Fukuoka ~ Bangkok
3hr 35min by air