What to prepare/When trouble arises

You may face some problems and unexpected troubles if you are visiting Fukuoka for the first time. It is good idea to do some research on the places you are visiting beforehand. Please do not forget to bring your mobile phone because you can check out local tourist and transit information by accessing to the website through your phone.
Information Guide

Before coming to Fukuoka, it is a good idea to make a brief itinerary for your trip, for example “where you are going” or “what you are doing” depending on the purpose of your visit and travel style. If you prefer to be more spontaneous, take advantage of tourist information centers for the latest local information and pamphlets.

ATM Machine (Currency Exchange)

Banks exchanging foreign currency into Japanese yen are limited in availability, as are ATM machines allowing cash withdrawals from foreign credit cards. Please note that handling charges will apply and hours are limited.

Delivery Service

You will probably want to buy many souvenirs for your family and friends as well as for yourself while traveling. To enjoy your shopping thoroughly is good, but you need to carry lots of bags at the same time. In that case, you can send your heavy luggage to your home by using delivery service so that you can travel light.

Duty-Free Shop

Duty free shops are located in Fukuoka airport only. Foreign visitors who spend over JPY10,001 at department stores and electronic shops can get a 5% tax refund as long as the procedure is made within 6 months from purchase. You can do this by showing your passport and receipts at the place you shopped. However, food, films and batteries are not subject to the tax refund.

Coin Lockers

It is hard to carry large baggage around while moving from place to place! In such case, coin lockers are useful. They are mainly located at stations and department stores and cost 300-500yen but the fee varies by size and location. The date is replaced after midnight an additional fee will be charged. Please be careful as the usage period is 3 days at maximum. After this time has expired, the baggage will be removed without notice.

Baby Strollers

It is hard to shop with children. When shopping at department stores, make use of their rental baby strollers.

International calls and Internet

International calls and Internet allow you to keep in contact with foreign countries from Japan. Finding Internet access is easy with 24-hour net cafes, some of which offer free access to foreigners.

Troubles (lost & found, hospitals, police stations)

Please contact the following, in case of lost baggage, sick or other emergency. It is a good idea to note down these contact numbers in advance.