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History and Japanese Culture

For Your Travel Memories! Experience Japanese Culture in Fukuoka

Why not experience Japanese culture in a cheerful way and add some great memories to your trip in Fukuoka? Hakata Machiya Folk Museum, beside Kushida Shrine, allows you to see the making process of traditional crafts, which the Hakata area in Fukuoka boasts to the world. Experience for free crafts such as: magemono (wooden ware), Hariko paper dolls, spinning top, and dolls, and also experience the making of Hakata-ori.
Moreover, relaxing in the Japanese garden at Rakusuien and Yusentei Park is a good way to spend a quiet moment while having green tea served in an authentic manner and feeling a sense of serenity in Japan. Ahead of other prefectures in Japan, Fukuoka Prefecture organizes many hands-on tours. “Fukutabi”, for those visitors from abroad will have fun experiencing Japanese and Hakata culture. Please participate in our tours and make lots of great memories in Fukuoka.

Hakata Machiya Folk Museum

If you come to Hakata, why not learning about Hakata culture? This museum shows the old daily life and culture of Fukuoka city in Meiji and Taisho period, focusing especially on urban houses of that period. It is located across from the Kushida-shrine. The exhibition hall features the local tradi...

Yusentei Park

Originally built as a second home for Kuroda Tsugutaka, the 6th lord of Fukuoka in 1754, it was the first Japanese Garden in Fukuoka to be centered on a lake.
In March of 1998, the park was designated by Fukuoka of having significant value. The historical park is still appreciated by many peop...


In the north side of Sumiyoshi Shrine of Hakata is this Japanese garden. There is a reconstructed tea house which was originally built in Meiji period as a second house of a merchant family. A tea ceremony room is represented in the house with the original atmosphere. Seasonal plants and refreshi...


Shofu-en is a park with a Japanese garden and a tea ceremony room constructed in early 1950s.

The old house named Shofu-so owned by Tanakamaru Zenpachi, the founder of Fukuoka Tamaya, once one of the major department stores in Fukuoka, was located here. The site of the house went under a renew...