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History and Japanese Culture

Appreciate Japanese Culture

You can watch Japanese Noh and Kabuki traditional performing arts and Sumo wrestling, the national sport in Fukuoka.
Kabuki, a stage performance of Japan’s inherent culture, is held at Hakata-za Theatre for about one month in February and June every year. The Sumo wrestling, held for 15 days from mid-November, attracts you with an exciting fight among sumo wrestlers and a sacred ring-entering ceremony performed by the highest ranked wrestler.
The Noh play, is one of the Japanese traditional performing arts in which the actors wear Noh masks when they play each character.
And Kyogen, Japan’s oldest comedy is also performed at the Noh Theatre attached to Ohori Park and at Sumiyoshi Shrine.

Hakataza Theater

A variety of dramatic theater performances across Japan including Kabuki & musicals are monthly put on the stage at Hakataza, which is one of Kyushu's greatest theaters exclusively designed for plays. This theater gives you a rich theater experience, with the mixture of Japanese and weste...

Noh Theater of Ohori Koen

This cultural facility is located in Ohori Park, which houses a Japanese garden and a museum. Various Noh plays and Kyogen plays are performed here all through the year.