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Museum Tour

In Fukuoka, you can enjoy visiting museums as well as doing shopping and sightseeing.
Fukuoka Asian Art Museum is a world unique museum mainly with a collection of works of modern and contemporary art from around the Asian area. As it is conveniently located inside Hakata Riverain, which houses some of the world’s top class brand stores, you enjoy the art of Asia before or after doing some shopping.
Fukuoka City Museum, which possesses Kin-in (gold seal), a national treasure, introduces the history and culture of Fukuoka. It is located in the vicinity of Fukuoka Tower, so you can visit the museum after enjoying the view from the tower.
Fukuoka Art Museum contains mainly modern and contemporary works as well as antiques associated with Fukuoka. It is situated near Ohori Park, the urban oasis of Fukuoka and Maizuru Park, which has the ruins of Fukuoka Castle.
If you travel about 35 minutes by train from Tenjin to Dazaifu, there is also Kyushu National Museum, which opened as the forth national museum in Japan. Here you can view important cultural properties of Japan.
Visit your favorite museum and indulge yourself in the great art and culture of Japan.

Fukuoka City Museum

Located in the Seaside Momochi Area, this museum is one of the famous tourist spots of Fukuoka City such as Fukuoka Tower and Yafuoku Dome gathers.
It introduces the history and the life of people in Fukuoka, which has developed as a hub of international exchanges in the Asian Region since ancie...

Kyushu National Museum

This is the forth-largest national museum in Japan following the ones in Tokyo, Kyoto and Nara. The concept of the museum is “capturing a formation of Japanese culture in the perspective of Asian history” and there are valuable exhibits depicting a blossoming relationship with Asian countries for...

Fukuoka Asian Art Museum

You can enjoy looking at contemporary art works from all Asia here at Hakata Riverain! The museum exhibits 2,700 art pieces collected from 22 different countries and regions in Asia. Not only exhibitions but also workshops by the artists invited from Asian countries are held. The souvenir shop at...

Fukuoka City Art Museum

Take a stroll around Ohori Park and drop in at this museum to enjoy art. The Fukuoka City Art Museum is a simple but elegant house designed by Maekawa Kunio. Not only are the pieces of world-famous artists such as Milo, Dali and Chagall but also of Kyushu-born artists such as Shigeru Aoki, Seiji ...

Fukuoka Prefectural Art Museum

The theme of this museum is to "play with art". It has a permanent exhibition of works by local artists such as Sakamoto Hanjiro and Koga Harue. There are rental rooms available for exhibitions and events, a high-vision gallery, where you can watch videos of famous works of art ...