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Art & Culture

Fukuoka satisfies tourists’ cultural interests whether it is Japanese traditional culture or Otaku culture. Indulge yourself in cultural wonder and discovery.

Exciting Events and Festivals in Fukuoka

Fukuoka is an energetic city where various festivals and events are held throughout the year. There are festivals with unique features of Japanese traditional culture, such as Hakata Gion Yamakasa, a festival with a tradition of over 760-years, Hakata Dontaku Port Festival which attracts the larg...

Museum Tour

In Fukuoka, you can enjoy visiting museums as well as doing shopping and sightseeing.
Fukuoka Asian Art Museum is a world unique museum mainly with a collection of works of modern and contemporary art from around the Asian area. As it is conveniently located inside Hakata Riverain, which houses ...

OTAKU Culture in Fukuoka

OTAKU culture of Japan is now attracting people’s attention from home and abroad.
As well as in Akihabara, (Tokyo is well-known as a birth place of OTAKU culture) you can also enjoy OTAKU culture here in Fukuoka. The Kita-Tenjin area is spotted with shops dealing with manga and animation goods ...

Feeling Asia in Fukuoka

Fukuoka City is close to Asia. The travel time from Fukuoka to Tokyo is almost the same as that to Shanghai, China, and the travel time from Fukuoka to Osaka equals that to Seoul, Korea. This explains why Fukuoka has many spots and events where you can feel the spirit of Asia.
Fukuoka Asian Art ...