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Fukuoka Yafuoku! Dome

This is the first stadium in Japan that has a retractable roof to accommodate all weather conditions.
It is widely known as the home stadium of Fukuoka Softbank Hawks. In the season 2001, the annual attendance here went over 3 million people for the first time in the history of the Pacific League.
The adjoining grand resort hotel and a shopping mall together with the dome make a big entertainment site called Hawks Town.

<Fukuoka Softbank Hawks>
The team won the league championship for two consecutive years in 1999-2000 and enjoyed the number of attendance of over 3 million spectators in 2001, which was the second highest number in the season among all the other baseball stadiums. They are one of the most popular baseball teams in Japan.

<Dugout: the shop>
This shop provides a variety of goods related to Hawks and other professional baseball teams of Japan, and also rare items of MLB, which is coveted by baseball enthusiasts, which you cannot get elsewhere.

<The Dome Tour>
This is a very popular guide tour where you can explore the back stage of Fukuoka Yahoo! Japan Dome. The tour goes through the large field, the backup rooms, player’s locker rooms and dugouts. In this tour, you can touch the tallest outfield fence in Japan with your hands and explore the areas that are usually off limit, with a guide of a Dome Queen.

Address 2-2-2, Jigyohama, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
Access Adjacent Bus Stop
Yahoo Dome-Mae (Hawks Town) Stop of other Nishitetsu Bus

Parking: 1,700 cars
TEL 092-847-1006
Fares Admission Fee for the Official Games of Fukuoka Softbank Hawks: Coca-Cola Seat A 1,200 Yen Coca-Cola Seat B 10,000 Yen Hawks Premium Seat SS 10,000 Yen Hawks Premium Seat S 8,000 Yen Hawks Premium Seat A 6,500 yen Yafuoku Premium A (with special present) 6,000 Yen S Reserve Seat (First Base / Third Base) 5,500 Yen A Reserve Seat (First Base / Third Base) 4,300 Yen B Reserve Seat 2,800 Yen Counter Seat (Pair Seat) 14,000 Yen Box Five (for up to 5 people) 25,000 Yen Bleacher Reserve 1,800 Yen / Visitors’ Reserve (Third Base) 1,800 Yen
Closing Days Varies by Event and Game Date
Open Hours Varies by Event and Game Date
MAP CODE 13343021*42

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