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Mr. Juan Luis Guerra (53), a popular singer from the Dominican Republic

yokanavi/Female (2011.02.07)
genre:Feeling Asia in Fukuoka

In 2009, he came to “Fukuoka” for the first time and the city gave him a strong impression. Inspired by the city, he wrote a song called, “Bachata en Fukuoka” and the song won a “Latin Grammy Award”, which is regarded as the best award to given to Latin music.

“Bachata en Fukuoka” = “Sing Bachata in Fukuoka”

Bachata is one of traditional Latin music originated in the Dominican Republic. It is characterized by slow beat.

It is a straightforward and gentle love song singing the heart for the loved one from Fukuoka.

The lyrics include the rosy glow sunset of Momochi beach and Japanese words such as “Arigato Gozaimasu” (Thank you), which the singer learned in Fukuoka. His memories of the days in Fukuoka are described in the song and you can sense the love he has toward the city by listening him singing the name many times.

The song was written in a Caribbean island far from Fukuoka.

After its release in April 2010, the song drew response from the US and Latin America. It is said that radio stations in Argentina and Uruguay played this song almost every day.

“Fukuoka” touched the heart of a Caribbean singer who is in the other end of the globe.

If you listen to the song filled with his feeling, you will be proud of “Fukuoka” and realize the beauty of the city.

You can get the album featured “Bachata en Fukuoka” in Japan.

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