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Kaze no Fukuoka- A Great Izakaya in Ropponmatsu

Joel/Male (2011.01.12)
genre:Popular Cuisine among Fukuoka Locals

If you happen to be in Ropponmatsu, stop by Kaze no Fukuoka.
Run by former Showa performer and Hakata veteran restauranteur Tsuruhara-san, Kaze no Fukuoka offers a full range of Western style dishes and drinks. Try the potato dishes, the tapas or the pastas. The Ropponmatsu Odori Chicken (lightly fried sesame flavored chicken wings) are also a big hit.
If you are lucky you, you might be in time for a mini concert (usually held monthly) or an impromptu jam session by regular patrons.
Kaze no Fukuoka is a place for food and music lovers alike!
2-1-12 Ropponmatsu, Chuo-ku
Tel: 714-0262