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Japan Biking/Male (2010.12.01)
genre:Get More Healthy in Fukuoka!

Japan Biking organises unforgettable bike tours in Japan, in Kyushu, Shikoku, Kyoto, Japanese Alps and Hokkaido. Guided and self-guided cycling holidays, private or in group, fully supported or only the essentials ? Enjoy your Japan Biking Adventure !


Cherry Blossom in Kyushu Tour
Saturday 19 March - Saturday 2 April 2011.
Sunday 3 April - Sunday 17 2011

Day 1 – 25km: Arrival in Fukuoka. Transfer to hotel. First cherry blossom in Maizuru Park.

Day 2 – 60km: Along the scenic coast we leave Fukuoka and head for Karatsu. We ride through the mystic Rainbow Pine Forest and visit a potter’s kiln. Stay in Karatsu.

Day 3 – 60km: Via the world famed pottery villages Imari and Arita we reach Huis Ten Bosch theme park. We visit Huis Ten Bosch.

Day 4 – 60km: From Huis Ten Bosch we bike around breathtaking Omura Bay to Nagasaki. In the afternoon, we visit the city.

Day 5 – 75km: Skirting the Amakusa Sea, we bike to Kuchinotsu. Halfway there is time for an onsen visit in historic Unzen.

Day 6 – 50km: We take a ferry to Amakusa island, home to Japan’s christians. We sleep under a dolmen at Siratake Forest Lodge.

Day 7 – 75km: Via a string of green islands we arrive in Kumamoto. We admire the cherry blossom at Kumamoto castle.

Day 8 – 50km: Today we climb Mount Aso vulcano with one of the world’s largest caldera.

Day 9 – ‘Rest day’: We hike around the volcano or relax in the onsen.

Day 10 – 60km: We continue our bike trip around the crater to the Takachiho mountain range, cradle of many Japanese myths and legends.

Day 11 – 50km: We descend to the Ojo castle ruins in Taketa for more cherry blossom.

Day 12 – 50km: Through lush green valleys we bike to Usuki with the world famous stone Buddhas. We relax in one of the many onsen in Beppu.

Day 13 – 70km: In Yabakei we see the tunnel that took monk Zenkai 30 years to dig using only chisel and hammer.

Day 14 – 90km: In the shadow of Mount Hiko we bike to Dazaifu.

Day 15 – 40km: In the morning we visit Kyushu National Museum. Then on to Fukuoka. In Nishi Park we breathe in the last cherry blossom scent.