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Hakata Dontaku Minato Festival in May, the Most Exciting Festival in Japan!( 2012.04.27)

Gorgeous Parad

There are many public holidays in the first week of May,
which is called “the golden week” in Japan.

Hakata Dontaku Minato Festival attracts more visitors than any other events held in Japan
during the week.
The festival developed from Hakata Matsubayashi,
which started as a congratulatory event 830 years ago,
and today is held as a festival of Fukuoka citizens on the 3rd and 4th of May.

The greatest feature of the festival is Dontaku-tai,
a gorgeous parade along 1,230 meters from Gofukumachi intersection to Tenjin.
Special balcony seats set up for the day will give you a privileged view of the parade (ticket: advance 1,500 yen / on the day 2,000 yen).

Many groups from around the world join the parade.
You can also enjoy various performances by local citizens at about 30 stages set around the city.