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  • CANAL CITY Hakata
  • 092-282-2525
    1-2, Sumiyoshi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka

    This commercial complex is built around an artificial canal and consists of hotels, theater, movie theater, shops, restaurants, specialty stores and showrooms. Besides the fountain show and other events held every day, you will never have a chance of getting bored with shopping, gourmet and vario...
  • Hakata Riverain
  • varies by stores
    3-1,3-2,2-1 Shimokawabata-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka

    Hakata Riverain is an entertainment spot located on Hakata River, which runs through the city. On its site of 22,000 square meters, you can see a variety of facilities themed on culture and relaxation; theater, art museum, restaurants, shopping and accommodation. It is conveniently situated in th...
  • Fukuoka Asian Art Museum
  • 092-263-1100
    Riverain Center bldg. 7 & 8F, 3-1, Shimo Kawabata-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka

    You can enjoy looking at contemporary art works from all Asia here at Hakata Riverain! The museum exhibits 2,700 art pieces collected from 22 different countries and regions in Asia. Not only exhibitions but also workshops by the artists invited from Asian countries are held. The souvenir shop at...
  • Marinoa City Fukuoka
  • 092-892-8700
    2-12-30, Odo, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka

    Marinoa City Fukuoka is the largest outlet mall in Kyushu. It has a massive ferris wheel and mega stores, and also houses 169 attractive stores which are opened in Japan or Kyushu for the first time. A nice view from the Ferris wheel named "Sky Wheel" is just splendid. It is also filled...
  • Bayside Place Hakata Futoh
  • 092-281-7701
    13-6, Chikko Hon-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka

    Bayside Place Hakata is a commercial complex directly connected to the passenger terminal of Hakata Port.

    It features Wangan Ichiba, a market offering fresh seafood and vegetables, a hot spring facility, Namiha No Yu and a variety of shops offering souvenirs and other local specialties of Kyus...
  • Marizon
  • 092-845-1400
    2-902-1, Momochi-hama, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka City

    This is a waterfront facility of Momochi Seaside Park.

    Located within just one minute walk from Fukuoka Tower and featuring various facilities lined up along the beach, it is a popular spot for dating and various leisure activities.

    You can see many people enjoying marine sports here and at...
  • Hawks Town Mall
  • 092-847-1429
    Jigyohama 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka

    Hawks Town Mall is a large shopping mall with a variety of shops of all genres ranging from clothing, sundries, accessories and toys. There are also restaurants of Japanese, Western and Chinese cuisine and snack stands.

    Many entertainment facilities such as cinema-complex, amusement park, live...
  • Hakata Machiya Folk Museum
  • 092-281-7761
    6-10, Reisen-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka

    If you come to Hakata, why not learning about Hakata culture? This museum shows the old daily life and culture of Fukuoka city in Meiji and Taisho period, focusing especially on urban houses of that period. It is located across from the Kushida-shrine. The exhibition hall features the local tradi...
  • Hakata History Museum
  • 092-291-2951
    1-41, Kamikawabata-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka (Inside Kushida Shrine)

    If you want to know the history of Hakata Gion Yamakasa festival, you should visit this exhibition hall in Kushida shrine of Hakata. The picture screens by Mitoma family (traditional family of master painter) depicting the scenes from the generations of Yamakasa festival and magnificent pictures ...
  • Fukuoka City Museum
  • 092-845-5011
    3-1-1, Momochihama, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka

    Located in the Seaside Momochi Area, this museum is one of the famous tourist spots of Fukuoka City such as Fukuoka Tower and Yafuoku Dome gathers.
    It introduces the history and the life of people in Fukuoka, which has developed as a hub of international exchanges in the Asian Region since ancie...
  • Fukuoka City Art Museum
  • 092-714-6051
    1-6, Ohori Koen, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka

    Take a stroll around Ohori Park and drop in at this museum to enjoy art. The Fukuoka City Art Museum is a simple but elegant house designed by Maekawa Kunio. Not only are the pieces of world-famous artists such as Milo, Dali and Chagall but also of Kyushu-born artists such as Shigeru Aoki, Seiji ...
  • Hakataza Theater
  • 092-263-5555
    2-1, Shimokawabata-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka

    A variety of dramatic theater performances across Japan including Kabuki & musicals are monthly put on the stage at Hakataza, which is one of Kyushu's greatest theaters exclusively designed for plays. This theater gives you a rich theater experience, with the mixture of Japanese and western s...
  • Canal City Theater
  • 092-271-6062
    1-2-1, Sumiyoshi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka (4F of Canal City Hakata theater building)

    Part of Fukuoka's best shopping mall, Canal City Hakata, this theater is wonderful and not only for plays and musicals but also for readings and traditional art performances among others. With the guest's seating so close to the stage they will be sure to enjoy the powerful performances.
  • Fukuoka Prefectural Art Museum
  • 092-715-3551
    5-2-1, Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka

    The theme of this museum is to "play with art". It has a permanent exhibition of works by local artists such as Sakamoto Hanjiro and Koga Harue. There are rental rooms available for exhibitions and events, a high-vision gallery, where you can watch videos of famous works of art on a 70 ...
  • Fukuoka Yafuoku! Dome
  • 092-847-1006
    2-2-2, Jigyohama, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka

    This is the first stadium in Japan that has a retractable roof to accommodate all weather conditions.
    It is widely known as the home stadium of Fukuoka Softbank Hawks. In the season 2001, the annual attendance here went over 3 million people for the first time in the history of the Pacific Leagu...
  • JR Hakata station
  • [Hakata Station] 092-431-0202
    [Hakata Station General Information Desk] 092-431-3003
    [JR West Customer Center] 0570-24-2486 (6:00 – 23:00 available at a local phone rate from home phones)

    Hakata-eki Chuogai, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City

    Hakata station is a core station of the rail network of Kyushu.
    Inside the station building, there is Fukuoka City Tourist Information Center where you can make inquiries about sightseeing, transportation and accommodation of Fukuoka.

    Here you can also find specialty food of Kyushu, souvenirs...
  • Nishitetsu Fukuoka (Tenjin) Station
  • Nishitetsu Customer Center: 0570-00-1010 (6AM – 12PM open all year)
    * Inaccessible from some types of phones. Try 092-303-3333 in that case.
    2-11-2, Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City

    This is the terminal station of Nishitetsu train, located in the center of Tenjin, the biggest commercial area in Kyushu. The station is convenient for sightseeing trip to Dazaifu or Yanagawa and always busy with commuters and shoppers. The station serves about 14 million people in a day. The ter...
  • Fukuoka Airport
  • Domestic Terminal Bldg 092-621-6059 / International Terminal Bldg 092-621-0303
    [[Domestic Terminal Building]] 778-1, Shimousui, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka / [[International Terminal Building]] 739, Aoki, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka

    No other airport in Japan is so close to the central part of the city as Fukuoka Airport. The subway line is connected to the airport and provides 11 minutes access to the airport from Tenjin and 5 minutes from Hakata station. This main air-gate of Kyushu boasts the ridership of 17 million people...
  • Hakata Port International Terminal
  • 092-282-4871
    14-1, Okihama-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City (beside Marinemesse)

    The international terminal provides regular liner services for Busan, Korea everyday. On the first floor is a check-in counter, information center to answer inquiries, foreign currency exchange, ATM, and a cafe.
    The design on the pillars is inspired by Hakataori textiles, and stylish walls of 2F...
  • Meihohama Ferry Terminal
  • 092-881-8709
    3-1-1, Atagohama, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka

    Municipal ferries depart from this port, connecting Nokonoshima island, Oronoshima island, and the central area of Fukuoka city.

    The Nokonoshima island, also loved by famous writer Dan Kazuo, has 23 round trip services everyday for commuters and leisure travelers.
    To Oronoshima, an island w...
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