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  • Nishitetsu Bus
  • 092-733-3333

    Local buses mainly arrive and depart from Hakata Kotsu Center (Hakata station bus terminal) and Tenjin Bus Center. A 100yen loop bus connecting Hakata and Tenjin is very convenient for sightseeing. There is a direct bus to the shopping mall “Marinoa City” and Seaside Momochi in Nishi ward.
  • Showa Bus
  • Local bus in Fukuoka/Maebaru district
  • JR Kyushu Bus
  • 092-641-0500

    Fukuoka/Miyawaka/Nogata area local bus
  • Aquarium and Bus Combination Ticket
  • 092-603-0400

    This combination ticket includes bus fare and admission to Marine World Uminonakamichi, it is offered at 2500 yen! The Nishitetsu bus leaves from Tenjin Yubinkyoku-mae (post office) stop. The tickets are available at Nishitetsu Ticket Service Tenjin (inside Nishitetsu Fukuoka Station building).
  • Fukuoka International Airport ⇔ Hakata and Tenjin
  • Especially convenient for tourists visiting Fukuoka from abroad,
    the “Fukuoka International Airport ⇔ Hakata and Tenjin”
    route begins March 16th, 2013!

    Before the addition of this new route,
    passengers had to take the shuttle bus from the domestic airport
    to access the international a...