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  • Nokonoshima Island Park
  • 092-881-2494
    Nokonoshima, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka

    Take a city operated ferry from Meinohama, Fukuoka and arrive at Nokonoshima in just ten minutes.
    This island, rich in nature, just sits in the middle of Hakata Bay.
    The Nokonoshima Island Park is a natural park of about 150 thousand square meters stretching out in the northern part of Nokonosh...
  • Fukuoka City Zoological Garden
  • General information 092-531-1968
    1-1, Minami-koen, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka

    Walk past the many fashionable shops on Josui street and you will find the Fukuoka City Zoological Garden, which is a part of Minami Park. The zoo is a half century old and is now undergoing new renovations set to take 20 years. The zoo is divided into 5 corners. See endangered species such as go...
  • Kashiikaen
  • 092-681-1602
    7-2-1, Kasumigaoka, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka

    This amusement park of flowers has been a popular spot for families for 70 years. Flowers of each season decorate the park, with 300 thousand tulips, 3 thousand roses of 250 kinds, azaleas and salvias. The tunnel of roses is the great feature of the park and its scale is among the largest in Japa...
  • Abura-yama Shimin-no-Mori / Nature Observation Woods
  • Administrative office of Shimin-no-Mori 092-871-6969 / Aburayama Shimin no Mori (Telephone Information Service) 092-861-8686
    855-4, Meotoiwa, Oaza Hibaru, Minami-ku, Fukuoka

    Aburayama Shimin no Mori/Natural Observation Woods is located on the east hillside of Aburayama Mountain. It is a treasury of nature extending to 93.7 hectares with a lot of wild birds and wild flowers. A camp site opens in the summer. There is a nature athletic facility and 3 courses for grass-s...
  • Maizuru Park
  • 092-781-2153 (Maizuru Park Administration Office)
    Jonai, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka

    This park is built around Fukuoka castle ruins and located within just 15 minutes from Tenjin (the center of Fukuoka city). It is well known as a viewing spot of cherry blossom and other seasonal plants and flowers. The park has an athletic field and other sports facility and is adjoined to the O...
  • Ohori Park Japanese Garden
  • 092-741-8377
    1-7, Ohori Koen, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka

    The Ohori Koen Japanese Garden is a beautiful oasis adjacent to the Ohori Park.
    Focusing on traditional beauty that makes this a truly Japanese garden,
    modern features are added to this wonderful combination of mountain, forestry, and waters.

    The area is 12,000 sq/m.
    The man-made mountain i...